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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bills in Toronto

After listening to that Press Conference and Ralph Wilson ramble on about nothing, and connections to Canada, like Canada is some mysterious land. A cookie gilchrist reference Ralph? Good one, that really shows something. I get a feeling theres a bunch at work. Ralph, Ted Rogers and Larry Tannenbaum seem like they are in cahoots. But whatever can make the franchise more money I'm in favor of I guess. Money that can go out and sign that free agent. Players see they are going to play in a big city at least one game a year. Maybe give the illusion the team is moving somewhere more glamorous.

All I know there will be 5 regular season games starting this year with a preseason game in 08, 10 and 2012. Meaning this year Bills season ticket holders will only have to get 8 tickets, instead of 10. So that will make the year cheaper. And in a weird way increasing season ticket sales, and increasing revenues, but offering a special package. What an odd situation.

Is this the start of the team moving? Who knows, could it be? Sure. Could it be an audition for Toronto getting a New Franchise? Sure. expansion to LA and Toronto would make sense. Both need new stadiums. Both take lots of time. So lets see how this goes, and it should be interesting.

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