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Monday, February 25, 2008



Ok thank god its the Trade Deadline tomorrow, because I have had enough of this Brian Campbell business. I don't want to hear about Brian Campbell, I don't want to see Brian Campbell or care about Brian Campbell anymore. Either trade him or sign him and then I don't want to hear about or from him for the rest of the year. I don't want to even hear the word Soup, for the fear it will remind me of Brian Campbell.

Brian Campbell was a low level non factor Defensemen till this moment.

Now hes a 2 time all star, and the type of defensemen you need on the team. How did someone go from barely a 6th defensemen to a all star? Now he wants to get paid like one. Sure he has great numbers this year, but its a contract year, those years don't count. Danny Briere has had 2 great years, both in contract years, now he has a long term deal and his numbers are slipping. Theres something about that security that makes a guy relax. But hey lets average out those numbers through the years and see where they are.

His first real year was 2002-2003
2002 to 2003 65 Games 19 points and -8
2003-2004 53 Games 11 points and -8
2005-2006 79 Games 44 points and -14
2006-2007 82 Games 48 points and +28
2007-2008 62 Games 44 Points and -4

Well he is a healthy player that is for sure, one of few defensemen to survive the 05-06 playoffs. Of course he shot the puck over the glass leading to the eventual defeat in Game 7 against Carolina. THATS RIGHT BRIAN I DON'T FORGET! But his ppg numbers have skyrocketed this year. From a average of .57 PPG, in the 2 post lockout years to a .71 PPG rate this year. And except for the unusual +/- in 06-07, he's a minus player. Even being a offensive defensivemen. Which means he'll create, but he'll also breakdown in his own zone. You can't have someone making 7 million on the backend, breaking down once or twice a game.

Basically, they need to trade him. They can't tie in salary to a small number of players and stay competitive. Trade Brian, get some stuff for the future. And move on. It will be tough, but it has to be done.

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