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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rise of The Kaleta!

photo Bill Wippert

Theres no hiding the fact the fans love Pat Kaleta. Hes a local boy, he plays like "his hairs on fire", and will hit anything that moves. I also feel he gives the team the ability to play four lines. Andrew Peters has many limitations, Pat Kaleta, not offensively talented by any means, but seems to handle his own when on the ice. He also gives that youthful energy that sometimes the team needs. The team is young, but a lot of the guys have been around a few years, so complacency sets in. This kid comes up and just starts rolling people.

He's been up since the 8th of January against New Jersey, has only 1 goal and yet only 4 minutes in penalties in 16 games. Yet he causes so many when he is on the ice. Last night he got Danny Heatley to punch him in the face. Thats great. With the power play improving, drawing stupid penalties, could be the difference between wins and losses.

Since he's been up the Sabres have gone 8-3-5 in those 16 games. The ability to play 4 lines helped the Sabres to get out of that 10 game winless streak, even though he was there for about half of that bad stretch. He brings that fear in defensemen, that there is this crazy kid out there, looking to take their head off. The Sabres didn't have that. The only person hitting on a consistent basis is Spacek. This also gets Adam Mair on the ice, who I love. When Max gets healthy and Drew Stafford gets back, I just hope he isn't pulled out. But looks like it will be a numbers game victim and be sent back to Rochester. Where Sabres fans will clamor for his return and the AHL will return to hate him.

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