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Monday, February 18, 2008

The walls came tumbling down

Not as bad as they say on the news.

Well this weekend happened for the Sabres. Where they lost a combined 9-2 and lost 4 crucial points in a playoff race. Lucky for them. Its not that bad. A bad stretch now isn't the end, but maybe its a call for a trade to show the Sabres are in need of forwards. They have a NHL caliber defenseman riding the pine, and Sekera or Weber at this point would play decent minutes. I'm rather high on Mike Weber actually. Though he is a -3 on the year in Rochester. Which looking at the numbers is pretty damn good for regulars. The Sabres next Brian Campbell, no not TJ Brennan, Marc Andre Gragnani is a -19, but hes second on the team in points! Give him 51, teach him a spin o rama move and a red wig, and we'd never know the difference. Man the Amerks are bad, Clarke Macarthur is 4th in points and he played half the games as the others.

Well offense, or lack there of, is the main reason why the Sabres are in 9th. They had such a great offense last year it covered up the fact they gave up to many goals. Now that extra goal is killing them, and if Ryan Miller wasn't having a career year, they'd be even worse. I.E. see when Thibault plays.

Thats why when you have a non Stanley cup team and assets that can possibly make you a better team next year. You need to make trades. Sabre fans will accept a first round exit, if they can see potential next year. Thats why holding Brian Campbell for a playoff run is a mistake. If you sign him and have him for the future, thats great, but not at 6 million. He isn't worth twice of what Tallinder is making. 5 years for 25 million is what I would sign him too. I would not go higher, you have Ryan Miller to sign. If you sign Campbell, you have to deal Kalinin, I'm sorry, but he's a 5th defenseman if not 6 right now, and a change of scenery would do him well. Max, Connolly, Kotalik should be available for those who want them for decent prospects.

I'm not one for making trade after trade, but I think Darcy needs to become that wheeler and dealer again. The Sabres aren't a threat, and its perfect for Darcy to rip someone off bad. Did you notice that San Jose was in NYC after the Sabres and the team Campbell is rumored to go to is the Sharks? And he went out and played like absolute crap. Maybe he does want to stay here and make more excessive sweating commercials.

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