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Friday, February 15, 2008

Sabres Rangers Preview

Here we go an afternoon delight at MSG. The Sabres take on former friend Chris Drury and the NY Rangers. I personally like the afternoon games, they have a certain feel to them. And always best viewed from a Bar. The sunlight, the darkness, beer and hockey. Its all pretty fitting in my mind. But this is an imporant game when figuring in the playoff scene. The Sabres sit at 7th and the Rangers 9th. But one game can switch it in a heartbeat. Plus you got Lundqvist and Miller the dual from last years second round, which was quite good. And by good I mean the Rangers put 5 guys within 10 feet of the net. Thats exciting hockey. Well this is a regular season showdown and the Rangers are playing similar hockey. Scoring 144 goals in 59 games. So they are back to their high scoring ways. Though the Rangers have been hot of late going 6-3-1 in their last 10. Though Henrik Lundqvist hasn't won a game since February 3rd. Maybe the contract was in the way. But I'm looking to see a good matchup here. With two decently rested teams. Since the Rangers will be coming in, having played their last game on Sunday. Good job schedule makers.

Who does what.

Well we know the Rangers start with #68, the success or failure of the team is dependent on his mood and action. But one could say Jagr is having a disappointing season up to this point with only 47 points and 15 goals. Scott Gomez is leading the team in points with 55 and Chris Drury is third with 40 points, and leads in goals with 18. The team does have talent though the stats are far from impressive. Players like Shanahan, Rozsival, Stracha and Prucha can hurt you. Plus they have 2 emerging talents in Dubinsky and Dawes. But this team is based on defense and goaltending. And it starts with King Henrik and his new deal. The Rangers were smart to lock him up long term, hes a star. Though his numbers of late are far from impressive so who knows who we'll see in net on saturday, but my guess its Henrik.

What do I foresee?

Well this will be a tight game, they always are between the Rangers and Sabres and I'm thinking the Sabres don't want to lose to Drury and the Rangers again. But you never know they might come out flat. But things are clicking these days and they don't have one of those long breaks to loosen it. Like Christmas derailed the last winning streak. Well I expect good things today. Not exciting things today, because the Rangers are boring.

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