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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello Bernier!

#56 in your Program

So its a few minutes left for the trade deadline, and it looks like the Campbell deal maybe the only one today. Really which I can understand, Kotalik and Kalinin you would like to trade. But honestly, they are a dime a dozen. You might be able to get draft picks or a prospect. But if you don't get the prospect you want, no point in making the trade. Plus you can sign Kalinin probably at a cheap rate. You give him a long term deal say 5 year at 3.5 or 4 million, he'd take that. You get a defenseman who can play like a 8 million dollar player or a 1 million dollar player. Plus by acquiring a cheap talent like Bernier, you create cap space for a Miller extension and go out and buy a couple players that fit the mold the Sabres are trying to fill. Thats physical two way players.

60 minutes of Hell, thats what I would want from the Sabres. Teams that can't take a break against them. You don't know what line to shut down, because every line could produce or be noticed. But who does Bernier play with? Gaustad?

Hecht Pominville MacArthur

Connelly Roy Vanek

Gaustad Kotalik Bernier

Kaleta Mair Ryan

But Stafford and Max are coming back soon. So Lindy will have some options at the forward corp when they get healthy. But really Darcy brought in the right player the Sabres need. Young, big, and physical.

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