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Monday, February 4, 2008

Lets talk Super Bowl

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Well the Super Bowl was last night and I think I should probably mention a little about it.

So going into the game I was perfectly prepared for another Patriot Victory. I accepted it and was ok with it. So I was just interested if the commercials were ok, they weren't. The girlfriend and I hung out at my place since I have the better tv and we could just relax eat some food and watch the Patriots roll into dynasty history and get to watch Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison celebrate (gagging). But as the game went on, it stayed close and I was like, mmm Brady isn't very Brady like and is kinda average today. The Giants hit him and hit him and it was fantastic. I'm guessing he isn't moving around much today and feels like crap.

The girlfriend was all about rooting for the Giants, which is fun, because I hate the Patriots, and despise their business practice. I wouldn't be surprised if they cut some veterans today. Speaking of which Mike Vrabel was very invisible yesterday, enjoy Hawaii Mike. But the 4th quarter came about and the Giants scored a Td to go ahead, but I knew the Patriots weren't done, they never are. The Girlfriend was like stop it, but I've seen it too many times, but of course Tom Brady engineered the go ahead drive, where the Giants CB falls down. I'm like well plenty of time left, oh god goddamn patriots did it again, I hate them so much.

The Girlfriend, was telepathically sending signals to Eli Manning to pass the ball well. I loved the sentiment and hoped to God it worked. They moved the ball made some plays. I was like, mmm maybe this might happen. Then this play happened

Thats one of those, I don't believe what I just saw. One of the best plays I ever seen. Thats why the Patriots didn't win. Several guys had the chance to make a play and NONE of them did.

But I was like ok, still gotta score, huge first down pick up by Steve Smith on the sideline. A perfect call and play. I didn't know Kevin Gilbride had that in him. Then this play, where I go holy shit, holy shit holy shit. They just scored. What happened?

The girlfriend was way more excited then I was, I was in disbelief. Really was. I didn't believe what I saw. Eli Manning engineered a 2 minute drive to win a game in the Super Bowl!
I love how excited those guys are with Eli.

Well the game wasn't that great, the 4th quarter was, the commercials kinda blew. But it was a good day, since me the girlfriend had a great day of hanging out and watching football. Now thats a good day.

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