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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Agency Eve

Hey Free Agents, wanna play here?

Well since NO ONE was talking about it, and I was under the knowledge Free Agency started was Monday, but instead its Friday. So I guess we'll kick things off here. The Bills have money, they have needs and they spent money last year, so they'll spend some more money on need players. But what are their needs, we'll go from the ESPN need list for the Bills. Since its dead on.

So first on the list Defensive Tackles. The Bills were gashed on a weekly basis against the Run. John McCargo developed and Kyle Williams is a good player. But they need more beef here. Chris Brown at has been hyping Corey Williams all winter, he was franchised last week, but word is now he could be shopped for a 2nd round pick. So if they wind up trading JP Losman, they could use that to get Corey Williams.

Second on the List, is Wide Receiver. This maybe the most in need position. Randy Moss is the big fish here, but not on the Bills list. Guys like Ernest Wilford, Bryant Johnson and DJ Hackett are more in the budget, and actually fit the need for a big #2 receiver. I personally would like to see Ernest Wilford in Blue next year. I don't think he'll get that much but would fit the need to a tee.

Third on the list is cornerback. After the Jason Webster disaster. Jabari Greer stepped in and played really well. They need to cut ties with Youbouty, I don't think hes a starting CB. But my feeling on free agent Cb's is that they are a dime a dozen, and I don't feel that Asante Samuel is worth what he'll get. So they can go get a second tier guy like Randall Gay or Domonique Foxworth and he'll fit right in. The key is getting the right guy at the right price. You have a solid #1 corner in Terrence Mcgee. Now you need that solid #2.

Fourth on the list is linebacker. I feel this isn't a huge need with Pozluszny coming back from injury, but you'll always need depth. Lance Briggs would be nice or Rosey Colvin, but I think you build in the draft in this spot, and or pickup some depth guys.

Fifth on the list is Tight Ends. Now heres a need. Robert Royal is ok, but the rest is garbage. Here going and spending money on a Alge Crumpler or a Bubba Franks, would be wise. This would help out Trent Edwards. I'm not sure if Crumpler wants to come here, but I would pay extra for a guy who achieved with Michael Vick, imagine a guy who is accurate throwing to him. Well anyway, who ever the real GM is, go out and spend the money at Tight End.

The Bills have some needs and if they go out like they did last year and address glaring needs with the right players and not just pick up names, then they'll be alright and be set up for the Draft in April. Oh man the trade deadline followed by free agency its like Christmas time in the Buffalo sports world.

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