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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Man things are so rough for Brian Campbell

slowly fading away

Well its rough to be Brian Campbell these days, you know tons of people wanting you, knowing your going to be filthy rich in a couple months and if your lucky traded to possible Stanley cup contender. Oh boy its rough being Soupy. And with this recent Buffalo news post. We get a little insight.

"It's not easy and I can't sit here and say I'm having fun with it," he said. "I wish it wasn't me to be honest with you."


According to the recent ESPN rumor, the Bruins, Ducks, Flyers, Canucks, Penquins, Rangers, Sharks, Senators and Blackhawks wanting Brian Campbell. And the Blackhawks want him the most. So Brian when asked about a impending deal with the Sabres, instead of saying "No Truth" just say I'd rather not comment about that and just talk about the Lightning. Because I as a Sabre fan want to get the most out of you. And if other teams think they can wait for a bidding war instead of losing valuable assets, they will. So, shut the hell up. AND ACTUALLY PLAY SOME DEFENSE!

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