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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Hey the leafs are in town, thus their fans come along too. Which is good for the economy, but bad in every other way. Have obnoxious leaf fans who think their team is great and their city better, well it might be, but most the Leaf fans don't live in Toronto. The Leafs have won 3 of their last 4 and seem to be getting healthier, before you know they ship off Sundin to an actually good team. The Leafs currently are sitting in 14th place one point out of being dead last, which doesn't mean much to team management since they still rake in the cash. The leafs also give up a lot of goals, only 4 other teams in the league have given up more, 3 reside in the Southleast.

Who might do what?

Well its all about Mats Sundin. He is the leading scorer with 58 points, the leading goal scorer with 23 and the leading +/- player with a +9. He really is the Leafs. And by getting rid of him, it would mean they are tanking the season. When will Leaf fans wake up? Well they do have other weapons in Nik Antropov, Jason Blake, Kaberle, Kubina and a bunch of others. Who most of you know about. Including Darcy Tucker, who is only a weapon with his knees. But its the Leafs so I hate them all. You don the blue and white and you're automatically the enemy.

What do I foresee?

I definitely didn't see last night coming. Thats for sure, thats why I see the exact opposite happening tonight. You know, oh boy we're back in the playoffs, wham 4 goals in the first. Wait Is T Bone in net tonight? I hope to god not. They need to ride Ryan Miller till his frail frame falls apart in the net. But I see a lot of noise when the Leafs score that will only drive Sabre fans crazy. I just see one of those let down games. They got two big games on the weekend with New York and Pittsburgh and its like, eh its the Leafs, they blow.

But I love this piece on Mike Robitaille.

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