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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sabres Senators Preview

Here we go the Sabres are unbeaten (shootout loss is a tie to me) in the last 8 games and roll up to the Nations capital in Ottawa to meet the Senators. The Senators are still sitting at that 1st position in the east as they have been since the start of the season, just like the Sabres last year. Except Ottawa wasn't fighting to make the playoffs like Buffalo is, but whatever. The Sens on the other hand are 4-6 in their last 10 games, prompting the trade for Stillman and Commodore. It looks like a good trade on paper. They are fighting to keep 1st from the likes of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Montreal. Sabre fans always fear the Sens, because of the constant losing. But its typical Buffalo fashion, accept losing and not try to overcome it. (ooo political statement)

Who do look out for?

Um Heatley, Alfresson and Spezza. Thats it. Ehh maybe Fisher and Stillman now. Plus their defense is rather good. But just the top line really.

What do I foresee?

I think we'll see a strong game from the Sabres, they might be affected by the Zednik incident, and not really care who they are playing and just go out and play. But they have to overcome sloppy play to win tonight and tonight is a good test to see where they are. These guys are competitive and I think really want to beat these guys. Miller is playing strong and I see that continuing, because the favorable goaltender matchup, might be the deciding edge. Or the Sabres get routed because they are a little off, from you know seeing blood squirt out of a guys neck.

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