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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Canisius Sports Weekend Wrapup

Since I have been busy personally and professionally, I've let the blog slip for a couple days. Not that I'm not on top of things, just haven't found the muse to write. Well the Griffs always give me something to write about and they had a productive weekend and by productive I mean another losing weekend. Lets start with the Roundball

Well the Griffs rolled into Manhattan on Sunday, which is not in Manhattan, to play the Jaspers who are probably the 2nd worst team in the MAAC. The Griffs, being the worst. And of course the Griffs got down early, and couldn't mount a comeback and lost to the Jaspers, 97-87. The men are now 4-20 on the year and and just 2-12 in the MAAC. Frank Turner was of course the leading scorer with 17 and 4 other Griffs scored in double digits in the losing effort. What another team shot better then 50% against Canisius? You don't say. Mercifully only 5 games remain for the Griffs before their one and done in the MAAC Tourney.

The Ladies didn't fair better, in fact they faired much worse. They got thumped at home against Marist, the best team in the MAAC, 91-46. The Red Foxes, hit 16 3 point shots. Um get someone outside after 10 maybe? Mmm, Marist is undefeated in the MAAC, impressive. Well this drops the Lady Griffs, the better half of the basketball program, to 10-14. Amanda Cavo led the team with 18 points, her and Russell, trade off on being the leading scorer, how cute. They also have 5 games remaining before tourney time, where they have a shot at beating a couple teams. Yay for staying to the weekend!!!!

The hockey team actually can beat decent teams. They split the weekend with RIT. The first game had a brawl in it. Because obviously RIT is full of dirty players, come its RIT, yeah you know what I'm talking about. Have you met people from RIT? Sure the Griffs lost, but who cares. They fucked up some smart kids.

Good brawl Action!!!!

Well the rematch came a day later, and of course the Griffs won. Come on, RIT was all like we can fight, yeah but Canisius can score. The Griffs scored 3 times on the power play, more signs RIT plays dirty. Just like their school. If they had a fine Jesuit education, I'm sure they'd be more civilized, then the heathens they seem to be. Well the Griffs are now 9-15-5 on the year, and look to make a run at the end to catch those RIT bastards. The Griffs tasted blood, now they want the whole thing. They have 6 games left, with Holy Cross, Air Force and Mercyhurst.

What the Syncho team lost to who? INCARNATE WORD. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

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