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Friday, February 29, 2008

One more left

Well I haven't written about our beloved Golden Griffs in a little. So its time to write about them on this Leap Day. Ironically because Griff basketball makes me wanna leap off a cliff. Well in the last 3 games the Griffs have gone 1-2. Wait, THEY WON A GAME! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Against who? Albany? Suck on that great danes. YOU BLOW!!!! Well they also lost two conference games to Loyola and Iona. Well this means they head into their last game of the season on Sunday against Niagara, at the Gallagher Center, which I assume they will lose and head into the Tournament, last in the conference. Probably playing Iona at 10pm on Friday March 7th. Ugh. 10pm? Might as well have it at 3am. No one is going to watch that. Ill do a season recap with statistics next week, give out the MVP, rookie of the year and but a ribbon on this craptastic season with 5 wins. Oooo good 2nd year Tom Perrotta.

Maybe the women will show up in Albany and do some damage. Well they are at least 7th in the conference with one game to go. Well tied for 6th. But this is Marist's to lose, being undefeated in the MAAC this year. I don't have much hope for the women either. At least they won games in the double digits this year and had a tough schedule. The women are much better then the men and probably have the better coach. And are 2-1 in their last 3 games. So, I'll have a recap of their season next week too.

The Hockey team had an important matchup with Air Force to push them up the standings and of course got swept at home. They end the year with a home and road matchup with Mercyhurst that could push them to 6th in the conference. (Like it matters they aren't that good to win it) At least the hockey team brings the pain, and as my friend pointed out. Have a petition to ban them from playing.

Ban Canisius From Division 1 Hockey
Type: Description:
The "Golden Griffins" of Canisius have developed a reputation in D1 as a whole and especially within Atlantic Hockey as a team that goes beyond playing "rough" hockey and regularly strays over the line into dirty hockey. Their recent brawl with the RIT Tigers should be the last straw. While it is often accepted that hockey is a sport containing hard contact, and on some occasions even fighting, outright thuggery as displayed by Canisus' team should not be tolerated at any level. A couple of the worst offenses from Saturday night are listed below. Most were perpetrated by their most disgusting offender, number 2 Carl Hudson.

Smashing a players head into the ice while he is down
Video (look at 25 sec):

Now thats what I can get behind. Smart kids getting their face bashed in. Good Job Griffs!

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