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Monday, February 11, 2008

A picture says a thousand words

Um thats kinda gross

I missed sundays game since I was preoccupied, but I was like I'll hear about it later, no big deal its the Panthers and what not. So this morning I heard something on the radio and go to turn on the tv and wait for it and see the grisly news. I go oh boy thats nasty. I hope he's ok. Oh hes in good condition. I always liked Richard Zednik, the kind of player I wouldn't mind on the Sabres a decent scorer who wouldn't really hurt you. But looks like he's done for the year. I can only imagine what this does to the Panthers. Just kinda makes you go, mm Hockey no big deal, I just don't want to bleed to death on the ice.

But for the Sabres a big win, with a busy week that can really put them in playoff contention. Hey first place is only 12 points away. (Yes I know thats a bit of a reach) They just need to add that player, for management to show the team, they think they have something this year. This town needs a good playoff push, to distract from all this Toronto nonsense.

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