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Friday, February 22, 2008

Talking 'bout Football

Ahhh the Combine. Where 20 year old males go get prodded and poked and made to run silly drills in order to qualify to make millions of dollars. What a time of year, and its in Indianapolis, perfect!

Well its very important for the teams to meet the kids, and not see they draft horrible people, that just can run fast. They want good people who run fast. So the Bills have all the top brass there, Dick Jauron, Russ Brandon, Tom Modrak. And since Chris Brown is on vacation (why during an actual event, wasn't their time in March?) They get John Murphy to cover things in Indianapolis. And already he has 21 posts in 3 days. Now thats some blogging John Murphy. Who looks to be taking the job of Dennis Williams soon, who got fired, probably because he might be the new radio guy on WGR since he's been doing nights there. And at Wgr he can actually talk sports.

Well in other news. Corey Williams who Chris Brown fell in love with? Well the Packers Franchised him, so go on Corey Williams, time to draft a DT then. But they did release Bubba Franks. So if the Alge Crumpler sweepstakes go south. He might be someone the Bills could go after since they need that Veteran pass catching TE.

Hey Randy Moss wasn't franchised and the Bills need a tall WR! Yeah right he'd come here, not even if they offered 15 million over the next 2 years. The Bills have so much cap space. And so many needs they need to spread that money around to get good free agents that fit and not flashy free agents. Thats why Tom Donahoe isn't here anymore.

So March 3rd is right around the corner, why isn't anyone talking about Free Agency? The Bills are going to be active, as will most the league since the Cap jumped. I'm pretty excited, its like christmas time. Plus the draft is 2 months away, even more exciting. Sometimes you gotta step away from the hockey and look at other things.

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