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Friday, February 1, 2008

Sabres Thrashers Preview

My my how things change in a week, from this team is dead, to well if they just play pretty well and get on a roll they could do some things. The Sabres are riding a 3 game win streak into the ATL tonight, to take on a team they demolished a couple weeks ago in the Thrashers. But those thrashers are all upset, because some guys were laughing at them. Maybe they weren't laughing at you and they were laughing at themselves for how terrible they were up to that game. But the Sabres continue to march through the Southleast, as this is the 2nd to last game on this long road trip, it winds down with a game in Boston on Tuesday.

Well whats up Atlanta?

Since the 10-1 drubbing by the Sabres the Thrashers have gone 1-2-1, so really it didn't wake up them or anything. And the biggest story is the loss of Kovalchuk for the next couple games, good for the Sabres, bad for the Thrashers, because he is far and away the most dangerous thing they have. Currently the Thrashers are sitting right behind the Sabres in 12 with 52 points on the season. Though they have played 3 more games then the Sabres. These games are very critical for both teams, since every point matters and you can lose track of those ahead of you, before its too late.

So who might do what

With the absence of My Kovalchuk, the pressure falls onto Mr Hossa who is having a decent year with 46 points, but yet a -15. So when he is on the ice offense happens. Atlanta has a bunch of other guys who can contribute, like Eric Perrin, Todd White, Tobias Enstrom and Mark Recchi, yes he still plays. Slava Kozlov and Bobby Holik are also on the Thrashers, making them full of overpaid veterans. Well tonight word is Johan Hedberg gets the nod in net, his numbers are less then spectacular, but your's would be too if you have Atlanta's defense in front of you. Atlanta always seems to me like that fantasy team, picked by a guy who thinks they know what they are doing, but have no clue. Spend all the money on a big offensive weapon, then spend more on guys who produced before (they'll get better again!), then fail to get a good defense and lose shootouts, rather then hard fought games.


The Sabres have been tough to predict lately. The last few games they've showed tough play, heart, playing the basics. One might think tonight they take a night off, but not playing till Tuesday, they really can go full out before getting a mini rest. I think Atlanta will come out firing tonight since they were embarrassed last time. But the Sabres are slowly getting their confidence back and Ryan Miller is playing really well. But I can't pick a winner, but I'd expect a closer affair.

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