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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Oh boy a road game against the Leafs after a thrilling comeback victory. It should be interesting. Toronto is another one of those lesser opponents the Sabres should beat, but doesn't mean they'll show up to play. But after struggling to score goals again it was nice to see a short explosion of offense. Of course its against the Lightning, who are terrible, but it builds confidence. Then again one line is generating all the offense. Good news, bad news type of deal. And the GCFB has always been in the Thomas Vanek corner. I just think he's a special player and if it weren't for Kevin Lowe, he wouldn't be crapped on. 3 Seasons in the NHL and hes scored 25 goals or more in all 3. Mmm thats pretty good last time I checked. Hes 7 goals away from 100 in his career. Of course he scored 46 last year, he was in the last year of his deal. Contract year baby!

So the Leafs, whats going on?

Well the Leafs are still near the cellar of the East and are worrying about no trade contracts. Overpay and give them the right not to be traded. JFJ, must have been the greatest GM of all time. But the Leafs are playing pretty ok of late, 3-2 in their last 5 games, including that 1-0 game against the Sabres. The Leafs are getting healthier with all their main weapons in the lineup. Sundin, who should be traded, Kaberle, who they need, McCabe who the Sabres need on the Leafs and Antropov who they should keep. I'm assuming Toskala will be in net, instead of Red Light Raycroft, who is terrible and just another one of those bad signings. I was thinking the Leafs had some decent young talent, but it seems all of it is struggling, Wellwood, Devereaux and Steen. But really as a Sabre fan its good to see the Leafs struggling. If they were actually good. I could feel the smugness from Toronto.


I hate predicting things, since I'm never right, I would have never saw yesterday coming. But say what you will the Sabres have some major offensive issues of late. Of the last 12 goals 8 of those were scored by Thomas Vanek. Thats good for Thomas, but not for the rest of the team. Jochen has gone in a shell, and has taken Pominville with him. Macarthur is worthy of a demotion, Kotalik is the invisible man again and Connolly and Roy have been the reason for Vanek's success. They need all the lines working again. And a game against the Leafs is probably what the doctor ordered. But I would always look out for Mats Sundin he is always dangerous and also look for a quiet building, those business types have had a rough week I bet.

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