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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Putting out a hit.

$50 bucks to the Sabre who takes out this man

Thats right Scott Nichol I don't forget what you did a year ago. Now your back in our building, where the hicks won't cheer your cheap shot on one of our better defensemen. In case you forgot what this scumbag did. Heres a reminder.

Good Job Marty in helping out Spacek.

So any Sabre that wants to take out this piece of crap gets $50.

Kaleta? You don't make much you could use $50

Mair? You're kinda crazy enough to do it for free

Bernier? You played in the West, I'm sure this guy did something to you. Plus the locals will love you from now on.

Spacek? Um, just hit him really hard, we need you in the game.

Oh yeah and you can take out Jordin Tootoo as well, hes a worthless piece of crap as well. The NHL would salute any Sabre to take out this douchebag.

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