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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Trade Deadline

I love the trade deadline. Hell I love trades. All the rumors, all the deals. Its like christmas in a way. New guys and new hope. No more talk about a certain guy that wears #51. The man above has a history of great deals and fleecing people. This year he has one of the most sought after assets. And could really shape the future of the Sabres. A player with a couple years on their contract, prospects, picks. This team isn't going anywhere, he knows it, he won't say it, but he knows talent and intangibles. He gave them most of the year to show themselves, now he has a phone to change things up.

People run Darcy all the time. The man who brought in Drury, Briere, Dumont, Lydman, Grier, Zubrus. Drury was in no mans land in Calgary and brought him in for basically nothing. Gave him the opportunity to succeed and make a ton of money. The same for Danny Briere. Briere was a nobody. He got traded for Chris Gratton! Now he makes 10 million dollars this year. Its been a few years since Darcy's been able to resurrect someones career. Theres a former captain in San Jose who is languishing in the shark tank. His confidence is down, his worth is down, and probably you can get more with him, just to take the contract off their hands. Plus he'll make your team better.

Darcy I have always had faith in you. Looking at your history. The best GM in Sabres History. Yes I just said it. People in this town want you fired, blaming you for certain things out of your control. I see the logic in not giving long term deals. But you changed, with deals on Roy and Hecht. Good, cheap two way players. Now Pominville is next. But here you can add to the team, and keep the fans excited, plus keep playoff hopes alive.

Darcy your move.

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