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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Bills update

Well its been almost 2 months since the end of the Bills season but they aren't on vacation. They are working, you know getting in shape, learning the playbook, while the coaches and scouts are preparing for the Combine and the Draft. Not to mention Free Agency. The Bills have a ton of money under the cap, and with the Toronto initiative probably would like to produce a good team. So maybe they'll actually go out and sign a few guys.

I read the Chris Brown blog quite regularly, and I'm not sure if he's dropping hints because hes part of the Bills organization. But he drops the Corey Williams name a lot from the Green Bay Packers. A guy that no one really is talking about. Posts here, here, here, here thats a bunch of posts about a guy not on your team. Lets look at him

Hes 27, 6-4 315 lbs In 2007 had 38 tackles and 7 sacks from the interior and one interception and 3 forced fumbles. The numbers look good and they are only increasing. My only issue is they have a ton of money invested in the D Line, and this will only add to it. They gotta get rid of someone don't they? Who Larry Tripplett? Kelsey? Denney?

They also need to look at WR, Ernest Wilford is the name that keeps popping up, since he's big and Jacksonville doesn't seem interested in keeping him. He would be a great compliment to Lee Evans and if you want bring in Muhammad thats great only if he'll come in cheap. Veteran leadership is always good to have.

Checking the ESPN rumor mill, the Bills and Alge Crumpler don't go together. Which is a shame if the Bills could get Crumpler I would jump for joy. This guy was great with Mike Vick, imagine a guy who can complete passes. But something on the rumor sheet made me stop.

Next up for Zach Thomas is a stop in New Orleans to visit with the Saints. On Wednesday, Thomas is expected to meet with the Cowboys. Other possible suitors include the Jets, Bills, Chargers and Jaguars.

What? ZACH THOMAS! NOOOOOOO! The guy is practically done. I'd rather have Keith Ellison then Zach Thomas.

Well Free agency kicks off in 2 weeks, so the rumor mill will get moving by then.

And John Murphy does exist he'll be covering the combine for Good on the Bills website to use John Murphy for something. That could be their best asset.

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