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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Ti Cats are PISSED!!!!

Well looks like not only the Buffalo Fans are mad about this Toronto NFL Business, but the Hamilton Tiger Cats are as well.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats fired a salvo at the Buffalo Bills, the Toronto Argonauts and CFL commissioner Mark Cohon yesterday, saying they are withholding support for NFL games in Toronto and would not participate in a partnership to make Bills tickets available to their fans.
Oh no the Hamilton team is not behind the idea. What is Roger Goodell going to do? You mean there won't be Hamilton people at the game? Thats a shame. I guess Bills fans will get more opportunity to tickets they won't buy either. A ticket to a game is more expensive then some of the Hamilton Season Ticket packages. Hamilton people aren't going to pay $250 for a Bills ticket, they aren't that stupid.

"We feel that bringing NFL games to stadiums in Canada without a comprehensive agreement between the CFL and the NFL will lead to unintended consequences, not all of them good," Ticats owner Bob Young said in a statement yesterday. "The CFL is Canada's premier professional sports league, as the NFL is the premier sports league in the U.S. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial agreement resulting from discussions between the CFL and NFL."
Um the NHL would like to disagree with you Bob Young, I'm sure hockey is way more important then the CFL in Canada. I'm sure 90% of Hamiltonians? would trade the Ti-cats for a NHL team in a heartbeat. They are stuck in that Leafs Sabres Zone and probably will never get one. But hey Hamilton, we love ya, come down for our games, and not those lousy Toronto Bills games. Better atmosphere here in Buffalo.

"I have spoken to Bob Young today, and he stressed he wants us to keep working toward a mutually beneficial agreement between our league and the NFL, and that is certainly what we're working toward," Cohon said in a statement yesterday. "Anyone who has been to a Labour Day game can tell you it's not the first time these two historic franchises [Argos and Ticats] have had a different take on something.
Oh boy those Labour Day games, let me tell ya, so much animosity, like last year where um, uh. You know that guy hit the other guy late, and there was much to do about that. Hey former first round pick Rashaun Woods is a Tiger Cat, along with Timmy Chang. Where can I get me some Ti Cat tickets again?

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coolman856 said...

You think that the Hamilton fans care about the Ti-Cats either? They have been so bad lately I dont think that their own fans care about them.

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