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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love stats

One thing I love about sports is the endless amount of stats you can use to prove or disprove a point. You could use stats to make an argument. Well except when it comes to popular opinion and "intangibles" which are overrated. If a guy really has those intangibles it should show up on the stat sheet. has a bunch of good stats. But there is a section called RTSS stats. I have zero clue what that stands for but its a bunch of stats that are on the lower side of the score sheet. Blocked shots, Hits, Faceoff %. So I thought who on the Sabres is leading what and it came back with surprising numbers.

Guess who leads the team in Hits, thats right Paul Gaustad with 133, thats 2.25 hits a game. Our boy Pat Kaleta averages a hit more a game with 3.25 hits per game. But compared to other teams the Sabres aren't physical at all. Dustin Brown leads the league with 255 hits!

Blocked Shots
Nickel and Dime are way ahead of everyone on the blocked shot category, Lydman with 104 Tallinder with 94. Campbell is third with 69. Hey you're plus minus might be better if you got on the ice and stopped a few shots soupy. Of the regular 6 defensemen, only Kalinin is lower in blocked shots per game. Tallinder has the highest number, followed by Lydman and Spacek. Mmm the European defensemen seem more willing to go down then North Americans.

Missed Shots
This I assume is the stat of guys who can't hit the broadside of a barn, and yes your guess is right Thomas Vanek leads the team with 65 missed shots. But Jochen Hecht is right behind him with 62. Our man Campbell is 4th with 59. But Alexander the Great leads the league with an incredible 154 Missed shots. The next guy has 90. Does anyone else shoot the puck for the Caps?

Now this surprised me. Toni Lydman leads this category with 51, then Roy and Vanek of course, then Campbell. Then you look down the list and Nolan Pratt only has 10 giveaways, I knew he played solid, but that is concrete proof. Defensemen leading this category is a concern for me.

Hey our boy D Roy is up there in giveaways, but he tops the list in Takeaways with 31. Compared to the league stats, 31 is low to lead the team Datsyuk leads the league with 105 takeaways.

Faceoff %
I think this is a issue with the Sabres, winning the draw. Gaustad used to have great numbers now hes hovering at 50%, along with Roy. But come playoff time winning draws in your zone is critical. Thats why if they make a trade they need a great faceoff man. Thats why if they trade Campbell to the Blackhawks, Id say throw in Yanic Perrault in the deal. Hes at 65%. I think with a couple decent wingers he'd put up more points as well.

So taking these intangible stats as i shall call them. Lets compare Phaneuf and Campbell since he wants similar money.

Phaneuf 163
Campbell 52

Blocked shots
Phaneuf 61
Campbell 69

Missed shots
Phaneuf 86
Campbell 53

Phaneuf 40
Campbell 37

Phaneuf 44
Campbell 41

So Campbell isn't as physical, but gives the puck away less, blocks more shots and misses the net less. Plus they score similar amount of points. Uh oh, maybe he is worth 6 million a year.

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