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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sabres Flyers Preview

Well, well, well. The Philadelphia Flyers and their 10 game losing streak. Wait a minute that sounds familiar. Uh oh, the Sabres snapped theirs with a 10-1 win. I hope that doesn't happen tonight. Lucky for the Sabres they are coming off a sloppy loss at home. And I'm sure if Brian Campbell is going to get traded, he wants to look good for the fans one last time. Or be a complete train wreck. I find it odd that the player they called up was a defenseman. A puck handling defenseman. Wait hes a LW now? Oh man I missed that change, thats not good when they are converting defensemen. But why do the Sabres have him as a Defenseman? WHAT IS MARC ANDRE GRAGNANI????? If he was a defensemen I find it odd they called him up, since hes the offensive kind, with Weber, Suckera and Card and Funk the more stay at home kinds. If that doesn't say, WE'RE TRADING BRIAN CAMPBELL, BUT NOT UNTIL RON WILSON GIVES US PATRICK MARLEAU, I don't know what does.

So the Flyers who is doing what?

Well with Mike Richards out, that takes out the top scorer. Leaving old Danny Briere as the top offensive weapon. Danny is having a disappointing year for someone being paid 10 million dollars, but thats obvious. Only if he had 50 goals would people go, yeah hes worth that. But his defensive liabilities are really hurting on the team, and with the injuries, hes only gonna get more ice time. So look for Lindy to match up the Vanek line when Danny is out there. RJ Umberger is the 3rd leading scorer? Really? Mmm, I can see Mike Knuble 4th, but I thought RJ Umberger was a middle of the line type player. But Jeff Carter and Scott Hartnell are others to look out for. The Flyers are just massively struggling right now. Plus the goaltenders aren't helping them out. Good thing the Flyers only gave Marty a couple year deal, so they can ditch him soon.


Well things are tough to call here, the last possible game for Campbell before being traded, hopefully to San Jose, the Flyers might come out desperate and just put everything out there, and don't have to worry about being booed. The Sabres do need this game and probably playing is the best distraction from the trade deadline. Don't expect a blowout, but a tight one, possibly going to the dreaded shootout.


Whats up with these music videos the Sabres churn out?

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