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Friday, February 15, 2008

We will judge years from now.

This offseason Darcy Regier was crucified by letting both Briere and Drury go. They wanted Drury and Drury didn't want them. Briere would have stayed but got too much money and it was obvious management didn't want to pay. They called it the worst offseason ever, and it was the end of things for the Sabres. And with the start of the year and the Christmas New Years hangover, the critics seemed correct. However, the Sabres adjusted to their new situation and have come through all the emotions to acceptance. With the Sabres heading to NY and face Drury, Jagr and the Rangers, lets look at the stats of the big 2.

Drury 59 games 18 goals 22 assists 40 points and -11. Salary 7.1 Million

Briere 57 games 21 goals 33 assists 54 points and -20. Salary 10 Million

Those are decent numbers, but not what you would you would expect when you pay 17 Million dollars. Plus Philly is in 6th and the Rangers are in 9th in the conference. Philly spent a lot of money to get better with trades and now are in a bad stretch. The reason why Philly struggles? Simon Gagne is out of the lineup. I did a little research and found when Gagne is in the lineup the Flyers are 16-8-1 and are 14-14-4 without him. So Danny isn't really the difference, he helps, but Simon Gagne is the Flyers. And is Drury really the difference for the Rangers? He seems like he is the guy to groom Nigel Dawes. But what about the Sabres who are the guys taking over their positions?

Jason Pominville 16 Goals 35 Assists 51 points +11. Salary .925 Million

Jochen Hecht 17 goals 20 Assists 37 Points +6. Salary 2.350 Million

These guys have stepped in and stepped up. Jason can play both Power Play and Penalty Kill. And Jochen is a excellent two way forward and a two time captain this year. Mmm a leader and a two way player. Sounds familiar. They are paying 3.3 Million dollars for similar production and actually more complete play. You can add Derek Roy to this list as well

21 Goals 25 assists 46 Points +9 Salary 3 Million

The Sabres aren't a team that can win with a couple superstars, they have to play as a team, and thats why they can't go and overpay for 1 or 2 guys. Sure they are guys you can market a team around. But you can market around Ryan Miller, Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville and others. This is why I am in the trade Brian Campbell group. I don't think you can pay him 6 million dollars, when he isn't your best defenseman. He might be 4th best. He has offensive skill, but is that worth 6 million? Especially when Lydman and Tallinder in a couple years combined will make that money. Darcy signed them to longer deals for a reason. Thats why he knows he has a valuable asset he can use to build for the future.

Can they make a run this year? Sure. Can they win the cup? No. Thats why you need to look ahead to succeed rather then being stuck in the present.

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