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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey look who is in town, Les Habitants! So all the Hab fans in southern ontario will be flooding down to watch their beloved Canadiens at the HSBC. Montreal has played quite well of late and is contending for the top spot in the Northeast, which early in the season you would have though it was Ottawa's to lose. Now with their collapse in '08, Montreal has steadily picked up ground. Though they are only 5-5 in their last 10, compared to Buffalo's 6-3-1, so actually its the Sabres picking up 3 points on the Habs in the last 10 games. If it weren't for being a total disaster in the shootout, the Sabres and Habs might be tied right now. They are only 3 wins apart. Though the vision of the Sabres is of a not so good team. The Sabres are 9 points out of first. How many shootout losses do they have? 9! I think its time to revisit the what if the tie still existed scenario to see where the Sabres would stand.

Looking at things Montreal is very good on the Road, standing at 19-9-4 away from Bell Centre. They are a good scoring team, being 4th in the NHL in goals. They give up a decent amount and now with Carey Price as the starter, they are hinging on a rookie for their playoff hopes. So you have an important division matchup, a rookie in net. A good home team against a good road team and of course you got Big Bear. Who must be thrilled to be playing the Habs so many times a year now.

Who does what?

Well it starts with Alex Kovalev, who is known for being lazy, but still racks up the points and this year is no different. First in goals, First in points and first in +/-. So he obviously not lazy in his own zone this year. But plenty of other weapons, like Thomas Plekanec, Markov, who took over for Souray, and my favorite Hab, Saku Koivu. Is there anyway Darcy can make him a Sabre? But the Habs are also filled with talented young kids, like Higgins, Ryder, Latendresse and Kostitsyn. The real weapon of the Canadiens is their power play. Don't go in the box against Montreal or they will kill you. Carey Price is young and the next big thing, but his numbers are only decent a .911 sv% and 2.76 GAA.


Well it should be a tight game, a fun game and what hockey should be about. The crowd should be good with all the Hab fans mixed in. Big Bear probably knows his family and friends are watching so he'll play big again, can't go hide on the West Coast anymore Bernier. You're playing in Hockey Country now. Ruff may keep the same lineup, but he's gotta pull out MacArthur for Stafford. I don't care if Peters plays or not. But they have to get Stafford back up and running for the stretch run. I don't know why, but I see a shootout in this one. We'll see starting at 7:30 at HSBC.

One more left

Well I haven't written about our beloved Golden Griffs in a little. So its time to write about them on this Leap Day. Ironically because Griff basketball makes me wanna leap off a cliff. Well in the last 3 games the Griffs have gone 1-2. Wait, THEY WON A GAME! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Against who? Albany? Suck on that great danes. YOU BLOW!!!! Well they also lost two conference games to Loyola and Iona. Well this means they head into their last game of the season on Sunday against Niagara, at the Gallagher Center, which I assume they will lose and head into the Tournament, last in the conference. Probably playing Iona at 10pm on Friday March 7th. Ugh. 10pm? Might as well have it at 3am. No one is going to watch that. Ill do a season recap with statistics next week, give out the MVP, rookie of the year and but a ribbon on this craptastic season with 5 wins. Oooo good 2nd year Tom Perrotta.

Maybe the women will show up in Albany and do some damage. Well they are at least 7th in the conference with one game to go. Well tied for 6th. But this is Marist's to lose, being undefeated in the MAAC this year. I don't have much hope for the women either. At least they won games in the double digits this year and had a tough schedule. The women are much better then the men and probably have the better coach. And are 2-1 in their last 3 games. So, I'll have a recap of their season next week too.

The Hockey team had an important matchup with Air Force to push them up the standings and of course got swept at home. They end the year with a home and road matchup with Mercyhurst that could push them to 6th in the conference. (Like it matters they aren't that good to win it) At least the hockey team brings the pain, and as my friend pointed out. Have a petition to ban them from playing.

Ban Canisius From Division 1 Hockey
Type: Description:
The "Golden Griffins" of Canisius have developed a reputation in D1 as a whole and especially within Atlantic Hockey as a team that goes beyond playing "rough" hockey and regularly strays over the line into dirty hockey. Their recent brawl with the RIT Tigers should be the last straw. While it is often accepted that hockey is a sport containing hard contact, and on some occasions even fighting, outright thuggery as displayed by Canisus' team should not be tolerated at any level. A couple of the worst offenses from Saturday night are listed below. Most were perpetrated by their most disgusting offender, number 2 Carl Hudson.

Smashing a players head into the ice while he is down
Video (look at 25 sec):

Now thats what I can get behind. Smart kids getting their face bashed in. Good Job Griffs!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Agency Eve

Hey Free Agents, wanna play here?

Well since NO ONE was talking about it, and I was under the knowledge Free Agency started was Monday, but instead its Friday. So I guess we'll kick things off here. The Bills have money, they have needs and they spent money last year, so they'll spend some more money on need players. But what are their needs, we'll go from the ESPN need list for the Bills. Since its dead on.

So first on the list Defensive Tackles. The Bills were gashed on a weekly basis against the Run. John McCargo developed and Kyle Williams is a good player. But they need more beef here. Chris Brown at has been hyping Corey Williams all winter, he was franchised last week, but word is now he could be shopped for a 2nd round pick. So if they wind up trading JP Losman, they could use that to get Corey Williams.

Second on the List, is Wide Receiver. This maybe the most in need position. Randy Moss is the big fish here, but not on the Bills list. Guys like Ernest Wilford, Bryant Johnson and DJ Hackett are more in the budget, and actually fit the need for a big #2 receiver. I personally would like to see Ernest Wilford in Blue next year. I don't think he'll get that much but would fit the need to a tee.

Third on the list is cornerback. After the Jason Webster disaster. Jabari Greer stepped in and played really well. They need to cut ties with Youbouty, I don't think hes a starting CB. But my feeling on free agent Cb's is that they are a dime a dozen, and I don't feel that Asante Samuel is worth what he'll get. So they can go get a second tier guy like Randall Gay or Domonique Foxworth and he'll fit right in. The key is getting the right guy at the right price. You have a solid #1 corner in Terrence Mcgee. Now you need that solid #2.

Fourth on the list is linebacker. I feel this isn't a huge need with Pozluszny coming back from injury, but you'll always need depth. Lance Briggs would be nice or Rosey Colvin, but I think you build in the draft in this spot, and or pickup some depth guys.

Fifth on the list is Tight Ends. Now heres a need. Robert Royal is ok, but the rest is garbage. Here going and spending money on a Alge Crumpler or a Bubba Franks, would be wise. This would help out Trent Edwards. I'm not sure if Crumpler wants to come here, but I would pay extra for a guy who achieved with Michael Vick, imagine a guy who is accurate throwing to him. Well anyway, who ever the real GM is, go out and spend the money at Tight End.

The Bills have some needs and if they go out like they did last year and address glaring needs with the right players and not just pick up names, then they'll be alright and be set up for the Draft in April. Oh man the trade deadline followed by free agency its like Christmas time in the Buffalo sports world.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sabres vs Predators

The first game after the Trade deadline and there aren't many of these left to play. The Sabres stand barely outside the playoffs. And have just lost one of their better defensemen. Lately he has been a liability, due to his fragile mental psyche. I love how people think the power play is going to get worse. The power play was bad last year with him on it. The difference is Tim Connolly. But Nashville comes into town for a rare stop into Buffalo. Along with them they bring old friend JP Dumont. Who is quite successful at the moment. Not that anyone is shocked, since he played great here. Another one of those 2005-2006 Sabres that prospered. The Predators a team rumored to be moving and sold, well they still might, are better then expectations. They are 8th in the West which isn't a small feat. Though they play in the Central which is very weak. Especially with Detroit in a free fall. Nashville is only 4-3-3 in their last 10 and losing 2 in a row coming in. But being 2 points out of 5th and 2 points out of being 9th. This is an important game for both teams.

Who is even on the Preds?

Well their leading scorer is Jason Arnott, who is one of those players that puts up good numbers, but lives in obscurity. Alex Radulov is the leading goal scorer with 24, but he has the flu. Dumont is second in scoring with 58 points. Other players to look out for are Martin Erat, David Legwand and Marek Zidlicky. Radek "how am I still in the league" Bonk leads the lead the team with a -22. Not a shock there. In goal they go with Chris Mason or Dan Ellis, Ellis has the better numbers, but with the Preds not playing again till Saturday, who knows who gets the start.


Well these teams are pretty similar, balanced scoring, decent defense, score enough and don't give up a lot. One gets a lot of fans, the other does not. This should be a even matchup and it depends if Buffalo comes out fired up, over the Campbell thing, and ready to makeup for the Ranger and Flyer games. I look for Buffalo to come out flying and hitting. But I have no idea if they will put the puck in the net. The difference will be matchups. And how well Bernier plays.

Putting out a hit.

$50 bucks to the Sabre who takes out this man

Thats right Scott Nichol I don't forget what you did a year ago. Now your back in our building, where the hicks won't cheer your cheap shot on one of our better defensemen. In case you forgot what this scumbag did. Heres a reminder.

Good Job Marty in helping out Spacek.

So any Sabre that wants to take out this piece of crap gets $50.

Kaleta? You don't make much you could use $50

Mair? You're kinda crazy enough to do it for free

Bernier? You played in the West, I'm sure this guy did something to you. Plus the locals will love you from now on.

Spacek? Um, just hit him really hard, we need you in the game.

Oh yeah and you can take out Jordin Tootoo as well, hes a worthless piece of crap as well. The NHL would salute any Sabre to take out this douchebag.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello Bernier!

#56 in your Program

So its a few minutes left for the trade deadline, and it looks like the Campbell deal maybe the only one today. Really which I can understand, Kotalik and Kalinin you would like to trade. But honestly, they are a dime a dozen. You might be able to get draft picks or a prospect. But if you don't get the prospect you want, no point in making the trade. Plus you can sign Kalinin probably at a cheap rate. You give him a long term deal say 5 year at 3.5 or 4 million, he'd take that. You get a defenseman who can play like a 8 million dollar player or a 1 million dollar player. Plus by acquiring a cheap talent like Bernier, you create cap space for a Miller extension and go out and buy a couple players that fit the mold the Sabres are trying to fill. Thats physical two way players.

60 minutes of Hell, thats what I would want from the Sabres. Teams that can't take a break against them. You don't know what line to shut down, because every line could produce or be noticed. But who does Bernier play with? Gaustad?

Hecht Pominville MacArthur

Connelly Roy Vanek

Gaustad Kotalik Bernier

Kaleta Mair Ryan

But Stafford and Max are coming back soon. So Lindy will have some options at the forward corp when they get healthy. But really Darcy brought in the right player the Sabres need. Young, big, and physical.

The Trade Deadline

I love the trade deadline. Hell I love trades. All the rumors, all the deals. Its like christmas in a way. New guys and new hope. No more talk about a certain guy that wears #51. The man above has a history of great deals and fleecing people. This year he has one of the most sought after assets. And could really shape the future of the Sabres. A player with a couple years on their contract, prospects, picks. This team isn't going anywhere, he knows it, he won't say it, but he knows talent and intangibles. He gave them most of the year to show themselves, now he has a phone to change things up.

People run Darcy all the time. The man who brought in Drury, Briere, Dumont, Lydman, Grier, Zubrus. Drury was in no mans land in Calgary and brought him in for basically nothing. Gave him the opportunity to succeed and make a ton of money. The same for Danny Briere. Briere was a nobody. He got traded for Chris Gratton! Now he makes 10 million dollars this year. Its been a few years since Darcy's been able to resurrect someones career. Theres a former captain in San Jose who is languishing in the shark tank. His confidence is down, his worth is down, and probably you can get more with him, just to take the contract off their hands. Plus he'll make your team better.

Darcy I have always had faith in you. Looking at your history. The best GM in Sabres History. Yes I just said it. People in this town want you fired, blaming you for certain things out of your control. I see the logic in not giving long term deals. But you changed, with deals on Roy and Hecht. Good, cheap two way players. Now Pominville is next. But here you can add to the team, and keep the fans excited, plus keep playoff hopes alive.

Darcy your move.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sabres Flyers Preview

Well, well, well. The Philadelphia Flyers and their 10 game losing streak. Wait a minute that sounds familiar. Uh oh, the Sabres snapped theirs with a 10-1 win. I hope that doesn't happen tonight. Lucky for the Sabres they are coming off a sloppy loss at home. And I'm sure if Brian Campbell is going to get traded, he wants to look good for the fans one last time. Or be a complete train wreck. I find it odd that the player they called up was a defenseman. A puck handling defenseman. Wait hes a LW now? Oh man I missed that change, thats not good when they are converting defensemen. But why do the Sabres have him as a Defenseman? WHAT IS MARC ANDRE GRAGNANI????? If he was a defensemen I find it odd they called him up, since hes the offensive kind, with Weber, Suckera and Card and Funk the more stay at home kinds. If that doesn't say, WE'RE TRADING BRIAN CAMPBELL, BUT NOT UNTIL RON WILSON GIVES US PATRICK MARLEAU, I don't know what does.

So the Flyers who is doing what?

Well with Mike Richards out, that takes out the top scorer. Leaving old Danny Briere as the top offensive weapon. Danny is having a disappointing year for someone being paid 10 million dollars, but thats obvious. Only if he had 50 goals would people go, yeah hes worth that. But his defensive liabilities are really hurting on the team, and with the injuries, hes only gonna get more ice time. So look for Lindy to match up the Vanek line when Danny is out there. RJ Umberger is the 3rd leading scorer? Really? Mmm, I can see Mike Knuble 4th, but I thought RJ Umberger was a middle of the line type player. But Jeff Carter and Scott Hartnell are others to look out for. The Flyers are just massively struggling right now. Plus the goaltenders aren't helping them out. Good thing the Flyers only gave Marty a couple year deal, so they can ditch him soon.


Well things are tough to call here, the last possible game for Campbell before being traded, hopefully to San Jose, the Flyers might come out desperate and just put everything out there, and don't have to worry about being booed. The Sabres do need this game and probably playing is the best distraction from the trade deadline. Don't expect a blowout, but a tight one, possibly going to the dreaded shootout.


Whats up with these music videos the Sabres churn out?



Ok thank god its the Trade Deadline tomorrow, because I have had enough of this Brian Campbell business. I don't want to hear about Brian Campbell, I don't want to see Brian Campbell or care about Brian Campbell anymore. Either trade him or sign him and then I don't want to hear about or from him for the rest of the year. I don't want to even hear the word Soup, for the fear it will remind me of Brian Campbell.

Brian Campbell was a low level non factor Defensemen till this moment.

Now hes a 2 time all star, and the type of defensemen you need on the team. How did someone go from barely a 6th defensemen to a all star? Now he wants to get paid like one. Sure he has great numbers this year, but its a contract year, those years don't count. Danny Briere has had 2 great years, both in contract years, now he has a long term deal and his numbers are slipping. Theres something about that security that makes a guy relax. But hey lets average out those numbers through the years and see where they are.

His first real year was 2002-2003
2002 to 2003 65 Games 19 points and -8
2003-2004 53 Games 11 points and -8
2005-2006 79 Games 44 points and -14
2006-2007 82 Games 48 points and +28
2007-2008 62 Games 44 Points and -4

Well he is a healthy player that is for sure, one of few defensemen to survive the 05-06 playoffs. Of course he shot the puck over the glass leading to the eventual defeat in Game 7 against Carolina. THATS RIGHT BRIAN I DON'T FORGET! But his ppg numbers have skyrocketed this year. From a average of .57 PPG, in the 2 post lockout years to a .71 PPG rate this year. And except for the unusual +/- in 06-07, he's a minus player. Even being a offensive defensivemen. Which means he'll create, but he'll also breakdown in his own zone. You can't have someone making 7 million on the backend, breaking down once or twice a game.

Basically, they need to trade him. They can't tie in salary to a small number of players and stay competitive. Trade Brian, get some stuff for the future. And move on. It will be tough, but it has to be done.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Talking 'bout Football

Ahhh the Combine. Where 20 year old males go get prodded and poked and made to run silly drills in order to qualify to make millions of dollars. What a time of year, and its in Indianapolis, perfect!

Well its very important for the teams to meet the kids, and not see they draft horrible people, that just can run fast. They want good people who run fast. So the Bills have all the top brass there, Dick Jauron, Russ Brandon, Tom Modrak. And since Chris Brown is on vacation (why during an actual event, wasn't their time in March?) They get John Murphy to cover things in Indianapolis. And already he has 21 posts in 3 days. Now thats some blogging John Murphy. Who looks to be taking the job of Dennis Williams soon, who got fired, probably because he might be the new radio guy on WGR since he's been doing nights there. And at Wgr he can actually talk sports.

Well in other news. Corey Williams who Chris Brown fell in love with? Well the Packers Franchised him, so go on Corey Williams, time to draft a DT then. But they did release Bubba Franks. So if the Alge Crumpler sweepstakes go south. He might be someone the Bills could go after since they need that Veteran pass catching TE.

Hey Randy Moss wasn't franchised and the Bills need a tall WR! Yeah right he'd come here, not even if they offered 15 million over the next 2 years. The Bills have so much cap space. And so many needs they need to spread that money around to get good free agents that fit and not flashy free agents. Thats why Tom Donahoe isn't here anymore.

So March 3rd is right around the corner, why isn't anyone talking about Free Agency? The Bills are going to be active, as will most the league since the Cap jumped. I'm pretty excited, its like christmas time. Plus the draft is 2 months away, even more exciting. Sometimes you gotta step away from the hockey and look at other things.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Oh boy a road game against the Leafs after a thrilling comeback victory. It should be interesting. Toronto is another one of those lesser opponents the Sabres should beat, but doesn't mean they'll show up to play. But after struggling to score goals again it was nice to see a short explosion of offense. Of course its against the Lightning, who are terrible, but it builds confidence. Then again one line is generating all the offense. Good news, bad news type of deal. And the GCFB has always been in the Thomas Vanek corner. I just think he's a special player and if it weren't for Kevin Lowe, he wouldn't be crapped on. 3 Seasons in the NHL and hes scored 25 goals or more in all 3. Mmm thats pretty good last time I checked. Hes 7 goals away from 100 in his career. Of course he scored 46 last year, he was in the last year of his deal. Contract year baby!

So the Leafs, whats going on?

Well the Leafs are still near the cellar of the East and are worrying about no trade contracts. Overpay and give them the right not to be traded. JFJ, must have been the greatest GM of all time. But the Leafs are playing pretty ok of late, 3-2 in their last 5 games, including that 1-0 game against the Sabres. The Leafs are getting healthier with all their main weapons in the lineup. Sundin, who should be traded, Kaberle, who they need, McCabe who the Sabres need on the Leafs and Antropov who they should keep. I'm assuming Toskala will be in net, instead of Red Light Raycroft, who is terrible and just another one of those bad signings. I was thinking the Leafs had some decent young talent, but it seems all of it is struggling, Wellwood, Devereaux and Steen. But really as a Sabre fan its good to see the Leafs struggling. If they were actually good. I could feel the smugness from Toronto.


I hate predicting things, since I'm never right, I would have never saw yesterday coming. But say what you will the Sabres have some major offensive issues of late. Of the last 12 goals 8 of those were scored by Thomas Vanek. Thats good for Thomas, but not for the rest of the team. Jochen has gone in a shell, and has taken Pominville with him. Macarthur is worthy of a demotion, Kotalik is the invisible man again and Connolly and Roy have been the reason for Vanek's success. They need all the lines working again. And a game against the Leafs is probably what the doctor ordered. But I would always look out for Mats Sundin he is always dangerous and also look for a quiet building, those business types have had a rough week I bet.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love stats

One thing I love about sports is the endless amount of stats you can use to prove or disprove a point. You could use stats to make an argument. Well except when it comes to popular opinion and "intangibles" which are overrated. If a guy really has those intangibles it should show up on the stat sheet. has a bunch of good stats. But there is a section called RTSS stats. I have zero clue what that stands for but its a bunch of stats that are on the lower side of the score sheet. Blocked shots, Hits, Faceoff %. So I thought who on the Sabres is leading what and it came back with surprising numbers.

Guess who leads the team in Hits, thats right Paul Gaustad with 133, thats 2.25 hits a game. Our boy Pat Kaleta averages a hit more a game with 3.25 hits per game. But compared to other teams the Sabres aren't physical at all. Dustin Brown leads the league with 255 hits!

Blocked Shots
Nickel and Dime are way ahead of everyone on the blocked shot category, Lydman with 104 Tallinder with 94. Campbell is third with 69. Hey you're plus minus might be better if you got on the ice and stopped a few shots soupy. Of the regular 6 defensemen, only Kalinin is lower in blocked shots per game. Tallinder has the highest number, followed by Lydman and Spacek. Mmm the European defensemen seem more willing to go down then North Americans.

Missed Shots
This I assume is the stat of guys who can't hit the broadside of a barn, and yes your guess is right Thomas Vanek leads the team with 65 missed shots. But Jochen Hecht is right behind him with 62. Our man Campbell is 4th with 59. But Alexander the Great leads the league with an incredible 154 Missed shots. The next guy has 90. Does anyone else shoot the puck for the Caps?

Now this surprised me. Toni Lydman leads this category with 51, then Roy and Vanek of course, then Campbell. Then you look down the list and Nolan Pratt only has 10 giveaways, I knew he played solid, but that is concrete proof. Defensemen leading this category is a concern for me.

Hey our boy D Roy is up there in giveaways, but he tops the list in Takeaways with 31. Compared to the league stats, 31 is low to lead the team Datsyuk leads the league with 105 takeaways.

Faceoff %
I think this is a issue with the Sabres, winning the draw. Gaustad used to have great numbers now hes hovering at 50%, along with Roy. But come playoff time winning draws in your zone is critical. Thats why if they make a trade they need a great faceoff man. Thats why if they trade Campbell to the Blackhawks, Id say throw in Yanic Perrault in the deal. Hes at 65%. I think with a couple decent wingers he'd put up more points as well.

So taking these intangible stats as i shall call them. Lets compare Phaneuf and Campbell since he wants similar money.

Phaneuf 163
Campbell 52

Blocked shots
Phaneuf 61
Campbell 69

Missed shots
Phaneuf 86
Campbell 53

Phaneuf 40
Campbell 37

Phaneuf 44
Campbell 41

So Campbell isn't as physical, but gives the puck away less, blocks more shots and misses the net less. Plus they score similar amount of points. Uh oh, maybe he is worth 6 million a year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Man things are so rough for Brian Campbell

slowly fading away

Well its rough to be Brian Campbell these days, you know tons of people wanting you, knowing your going to be filthy rich in a couple months and if your lucky traded to possible Stanley cup contender. Oh boy its rough being Soupy. And with this recent Buffalo news post. We get a little insight.

"It's not easy and I can't sit here and say I'm having fun with it," he said. "I wish it wasn't me to be honest with you."


According to the recent ESPN rumor, the Bruins, Ducks, Flyers, Canucks, Penquins, Rangers, Sharks, Senators and Blackhawks wanting Brian Campbell. And the Blackhawks want him the most. So Brian when asked about a impending deal with the Sabres, instead of saying "No Truth" just say I'd rather not comment about that and just talk about the Lightning. Because I as a Sabre fan want to get the most out of you. And if other teams think they can wait for a bidding war instead of losing valuable assets, they will. So, shut the hell up. AND ACTUALLY PLAY SOME DEFENSE!

A Bills update

Well its been almost 2 months since the end of the Bills season but they aren't on vacation. They are working, you know getting in shape, learning the playbook, while the coaches and scouts are preparing for the Combine and the Draft. Not to mention Free Agency. The Bills have a ton of money under the cap, and with the Toronto initiative probably would like to produce a good team. So maybe they'll actually go out and sign a few guys.

I read the Chris Brown blog quite regularly, and I'm not sure if he's dropping hints because hes part of the Bills organization. But he drops the Corey Williams name a lot from the Green Bay Packers. A guy that no one really is talking about. Posts here, here, here, here thats a bunch of posts about a guy not on your team. Lets look at him

Hes 27, 6-4 315 lbs In 2007 had 38 tackles and 7 sacks from the interior and one interception and 3 forced fumbles. The numbers look good and they are only increasing. My only issue is they have a ton of money invested in the D Line, and this will only add to it. They gotta get rid of someone don't they? Who Larry Tripplett? Kelsey? Denney?

They also need to look at WR, Ernest Wilford is the name that keeps popping up, since he's big and Jacksonville doesn't seem interested in keeping him. He would be a great compliment to Lee Evans and if you want bring in Muhammad thats great only if he'll come in cheap. Veteran leadership is always good to have.

Checking the ESPN rumor mill, the Bills and Alge Crumpler don't go together. Which is a shame if the Bills could get Crumpler I would jump for joy. This guy was great with Mike Vick, imagine a guy who can complete passes. But something on the rumor sheet made me stop.

Next up for Zach Thomas is a stop in New Orleans to visit with the Saints. On Wednesday, Thomas is expected to meet with the Cowboys. Other possible suitors include the Jets, Bills, Chargers and Jaguars.

What? ZACH THOMAS! NOOOOOOO! The guy is practically done. I'd rather have Keith Ellison then Zach Thomas.

Well Free agency kicks off in 2 weeks, so the rumor mill will get moving by then.

And John Murphy does exist he'll be covering the combine for Good on the Bills website to use John Murphy for something. That could be their best asset.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The walls came tumbling down

Not as bad as they say on the news.

Well this weekend happened for the Sabres. Where they lost a combined 9-2 and lost 4 crucial points in a playoff race. Lucky for them. Its not that bad. A bad stretch now isn't the end, but maybe its a call for a trade to show the Sabres are in need of forwards. They have a NHL caliber defenseman riding the pine, and Sekera or Weber at this point would play decent minutes. I'm rather high on Mike Weber actually. Though he is a -3 on the year in Rochester. Which looking at the numbers is pretty damn good for regulars. The Sabres next Brian Campbell, no not TJ Brennan, Marc Andre Gragnani is a -19, but hes second on the team in points! Give him 51, teach him a spin o rama move and a red wig, and we'd never know the difference. Man the Amerks are bad, Clarke Macarthur is 4th in points and he played half the games as the others.

Well offense, or lack there of, is the main reason why the Sabres are in 9th. They had such a great offense last year it covered up the fact they gave up to many goals. Now that extra goal is killing them, and if Ryan Miller wasn't having a career year, they'd be even worse. I.E. see when Thibault plays.

Thats why when you have a non Stanley cup team and assets that can possibly make you a better team next year. You need to make trades. Sabre fans will accept a first round exit, if they can see potential next year. Thats why holding Brian Campbell for a playoff run is a mistake. If you sign him and have him for the future, thats great, but not at 6 million. He isn't worth twice of what Tallinder is making. 5 years for 25 million is what I would sign him too. I would not go higher, you have Ryan Miller to sign. If you sign Campbell, you have to deal Kalinin, I'm sorry, but he's a 5th defenseman if not 6 right now, and a change of scenery would do him well. Max, Connolly, Kotalik should be available for those who want them for decent prospects.

I'm not one for making trade after trade, but I think Darcy needs to become that wheeler and dealer again. The Sabres aren't a threat, and its perfect for Darcy to rip someone off bad. Did you notice that San Jose was in NYC after the Sabres and the team Campbell is rumored to go to is the Sharks? And he went out and played like absolute crap. Maybe he does want to stay here and make more excessive sweating commercials.

Canisius Weekend Round up

Hey another day and another weekend of Fantastic Canisius Athletics, if i say it like that I get excited to write about Canisius basketball, because theres nothing exciting about Canisius athletics. Well Softball is pretty good.

We'll start with the Men, get the bad news over with first. Well another game and another loss. This time another loss to St Peters, seriously the peacocks? Come on. Well they only lossed 75 to 68 so thats not that bad. Of course they let a huge stretch by another team, this one a 16-0 run in the first half that was pretty much the nail in the coffin right there. Well at least some guys decided to show up, Greg Loggins is coming on late in the year leading the team with 15 points and 3 others chipped in with double digits. Vazquez Simmons had 12 rebounds and 4 blocks to put up some defensive effort. The story of the game is that St Peters shot 55% behind the arc. When teams are shooting that high, you're dead in the water.

Next up Iona on Presidents Day!

Hey what about the women? Oh they beat the Men in losing to Iona on the weekend. The women couldn't hold off Iona as they ran away with it at the end winning 77-66. Amanda Cavo led the team in points with 16, Russell had 13 and Ellie Radke had 11. The story of the game is they got out rebounded badly 44 to 26, those numbers will cost you the game. The lady Griffs have now dropped 6 straight and will look to stop the bleeding against Rider on Friday.

The hockey team, now someone will can win. Well they have a habit of this in splitting games. They lose on the road and come back and win at home. Seriously what is in the water at Buffalo State, that leads them to be that good, lucky for them Air Force plays two games there so they can make a sweep of things. The split lets them inch up the conference standings to 6th and with that sweep place 5th in the conference. Yay Ice Griffs!!!!

And of course the Synchro Team rocked it again.

Well soon the winter sports will draw to a close leading to spring sports. Those poor spring sport athletes that have to play outside in early Buffalo spring.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sabres Rangers Preview

Here we go an afternoon delight at MSG. The Sabres take on former friend Chris Drury and the NY Rangers. I personally like the afternoon games, they have a certain feel to them. And always best viewed from a Bar. The sunlight, the darkness, beer and hockey. Its all pretty fitting in my mind. But this is an imporant game when figuring in the playoff scene. The Sabres sit at 7th and the Rangers 9th. But one game can switch it in a heartbeat. Plus you got Lundqvist and Miller the dual from last years second round, which was quite good. And by good I mean the Rangers put 5 guys within 10 feet of the net. Thats exciting hockey. Well this is a regular season showdown and the Rangers are playing similar hockey. Scoring 144 goals in 59 games. So they are back to their high scoring ways. Though the Rangers have been hot of late going 6-3-1 in their last 10. Though Henrik Lundqvist hasn't won a game since February 3rd. Maybe the contract was in the way. But I'm looking to see a good matchup here. With two decently rested teams. Since the Rangers will be coming in, having played their last game on Sunday. Good job schedule makers.

Who does what.

Well we know the Rangers start with #68, the success or failure of the team is dependent on his mood and action. But one could say Jagr is having a disappointing season up to this point with only 47 points and 15 goals. Scott Gomez is leading the team in points with 55 and Chris Drury is third with 40 points, and leads in goals with 18. The team does have talent though the stats are far from impressive. Players like Shanahan, Rozsival, Stracha and Prucha can hurt you. Plus they have 2 emerging talents in Dubinsky and Dawes. But this team is based on defense and goaltending. And it starts with King Henrik and his new deal. The Rangers were smart to lock him up long term, hes a star. Though his numbers of late are far from impressive so who knows who we'll see in net on saturday, but my guess its Henrik.

What do I foresee?

Well this will be a tight game, they always are between the Rangers and Sabres and I'm thinking the Sabres don't want to lose to Drury and the Rangers again. But you never know they might come out flat. But things are clicking these days and they don't have one of those long breaks to loosen it. Like Christmas derailed the last winning streak. Well I expect good things today. Not exciting things today, because the Rangers are boring.

We will judge years from now.

This offseason Darcy Regier was crucified by letting both Briere and Drury go. They wanted Drury and Drury didn't want them. Briere would have stayed but got too much money and it was obvious management didn't want to pay. They called it the worst offseason ever, and it was the end of things for the Sabres. And with the start of the year and the Christmas New Years hangover, the critics seemed correct. However, the Sabres adjusted to their new situation and have come through all the emotions to acceptance. With the Sabres heading to NY and face Drury, Jagr and the Rangers, lets look at the stats of the big 2.

Drury 59 games 18 goals 22 assists 40 points and -11. Salary 7.1 Million

Briere 57 games 21 goals 33 assists 54 points and -20. Salary 10 Million

Those are decent numbers, but not what you would you would expect when you pay 17 Million dollars. Plus Philly is in 6th and the Rangers are in 9th in the conference. Philly spent a lot of money to get better with trades and now are in a bad stretch. The reason why Philly struggles? Simon Gagne is out of the lineup. I did a little research and found when Gagne is in the lineup the Flyers are 16-8-1 and are 14-14-4 without him. So Danny isn't really the difference, he helps, but Simon Gagne is the Flyers. And is Drury really the difference for the Rangers? He seems like he is the guy to groom Nigel Dawes. But what about the Sabres who are the guys taking over their positions?

Jason Pominville 16 Goals 35 Assists 51 points +11. Salary .925 Million

Jochen Hecht 17 goals 20 Assists 37 Points +6. Salary 2.350 Million

These guys have stepped in and stepped up. Jason can play both Power Play and Penalty Kill. And Jochen is a excellent two way forward and a two time captain this year. Mmm a leader and a two way player. Sounds familiar. They are paying 3.3 Million dollars for similar production and actually more complete play. You can add Derek Roy to this list as well

21 Goals 25 assists 46 Points +9 Salary 3 Million

The Sabres aren't a team that can win with a couple superstars, they have to play as a team, and thats why they can't go and overpay for 1 or 2 guys. Sure they are guys you can market a team around. But you can market around Ryan Miller, Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville and others. This is why I am in the trade Brian Campbell group. I don't think you can pay him 6 million dollars, when he isn't your best defenseman. He might be 4th best. He has offensive skill, but is that worth 6 million? Especially when Lydman and Tallinder in a couple years combined will make that money. Darcy signed them to longer deals for a reason. Thats why he knows he has a valuable asset he can use to build for the future.

Can they make a run this year? Sure. Can they win the cup? No. Thats why you need to look ahead to succeed rather then being stuck in the present.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A What if Scenario

I was looking at the standings and wondered with all the point scenarios today, what if it were easier to understand and you didn't get points for losing. You know go back to the old time point systems. With Wins as 2 points and a tie as 1 point. Well New-old system where points are involved and such. So I went through the tops teams in the east and figured out the new point total. Wins and OT Wins are 2 points. Losses and OT Losses are 0 points and a shootout is considered a tie, no matter win or loss, and that receives a 1 point. Who goes up, who goes down and who goes nowhere.

Current standings. From NHL.Com
1 Ottawa Senators* 58 34 19
5 73

2 Pittsburgh Penguins* 57 32 20
5 69

3 Washington Capitals* 58 27 25
6 60

4 Montréal Canadiens 58 30 19
9 69

5 New Jersey Devils 57 32 21
4 68

6 Philadelphia Flyers 56 30 21
5 65

7 Buffalo Sabres 57 28 21
8 64

8 Boston Bruins 57 29 23
5 63

9 New York Rangers 59 28 24
7 63

10 Carolina Hurricanes 59 28 27
4 60

11 Atlanta Thrashers 59 28 27
4 60

Now under my new GCFB Standings Rules

Team Games

Losses Ties Points
Ottawa Senators 58

32 21 5 71
Philadephia Flyers 56

30 23 3 63
Carolina Hurricanes

27 30 2 56
New Jersey Devils

28 23 6 62
Buffalo Sabres

27 23 8 62
Montreal Canadiens

27 23 8 62
Pittsburgh Penguins

26 22 9 61
Boston Bruins

26 25 6 58

/////////////////// /////////////// ////////////////// ///////////////
NY Rangers 59

24 27 8 56
Washington Capitals

25 28 5 55
Atlanta Thrashers

21 27 11 53

As you can see the Sabres bump up a couple knotches in the new system, yet it would setup a knockdown dragout borefest with the Devils in the First Round. I would gladly let Montreal swap with the Sabres so the Sabres could get a bye in the first round to take on the Senators in the 2nd round. The Penquins have feasted on OT games this year and under the new system they virtually flip flop in the standings. Instead of taking on the 7th seed they would be the 7th seed. But a Philly Pittsburgh matchup would be pretty good.

But alas this is not the system the NHL uses, instead they rewarding losing, and skills competitions. The shootout is kinda fun, but it hasn't been fun this year if your a Sabre fan. I'd be okay with ties. A tie isn't bad.

Happy Valentines Day

Hey its Valentine's day so maybe I should spread some messages of things I love in the sports world. I'd get you all flowers and candy, but only one person in my life will be getting those items.

First, the Buffalo Sabres. You will get a rose. You're 8-0-2 in your last 10 games, rocketed up to 7th spot in the East and hope to keep climbing. Hell with Ottawa going in the tank, time to make a run for the division. You play smart and with heart of late. You seem to know what you're doing. Its nice to see. Of course it takes till February. Ottawa has gone 9-10-1 in their last 20 games, of course the Sabres have gone 9-5-6, so they only gained 5 points since the start of the New Year.

Second, um uh, no one. No roses for the Bills of late with their disasters, the NBA I don't care about, the Griffs get no love of late. Thank god for the recent success of the Sabres because life as a Buffalo sports fan isn't that great. Well baseball is getting started soon, but the weather outside doesn't put me in the baseball mood. I just want free agency to start and its 2 months to the draft. I would usually get a little twitchy for the NFL Draft but I have better things to do then worry who's on top of Mel Kiper's Draft Board.

But the true rose goes out to the Girlfriend of GCFB. Who puts up with my sports nonsense, and sometimes embraces it. But she is my rock, the one I can depend on at all times. I love her and hopefully the rest of the day goes well for the both of us, shes lucky to have today off. While I'm at work worrying if something gets delivered on time and if everything else goes well. She makes the losses less worrisome and the bad news less stressful, because I know I have something great to go see on a daily basis.

So Happy Valentines Day to you baby, I'll see you later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Hey the leafs are in town, thus their fans come along too. Which is good for the economy, but bad in every other way. Have obnoxious leaf fans who think their team is great and their city better, well it might be, but most the Leaf fans don't live in Toronto. The Leafs have won 3 of their last 4 and seem to be getting healthier, before you know they ship off Sundin to an actually good team. The Leafs currently are sitting in 14th place one point out of being dead last, which doesn't mean much to team management since they still rake in the cash. The leafs also give up a lot of goals, only 4 other teams in the league have given up more, 3 reside in the Southleast.

Who might do what?

Well its all about Mats Sundin. He is the leading scorer with 58 points, the leading goal scorer with 23 and the leading +/- player with a +9. He really is the Leafs. And by getting rid of him, it would mean they are tanking the season. When will Leaf fans wake up? Well they do have other weapons in Nik Antropov, Jason Blake, Kaberle, Kubina and a bunch of others. Who most of you know about. Including Darcy Tucker, who is only a weapon with his knees. But its the Leafs so I hate them all. You don the blue and white and you're automatically the enemy.

What do I foresee?

I definitely didn't see last night coming. Thats for sure, thats why I see the exact opposite happening tonight. You know, oh boy we're back in the playoffs, wham 4 goals in the first. Wait Is T Bone in net tonight? I hope to god not. They need to ride Ryan Miller till his frail frame falls apart in the net. But I see a lot of noise when the Leafs score that will only drive Sabre fans crazy. I just see one of those let down games. They got two big games on the weekend with New York and Pittsburgh and its like, eh its the Leafs, they blow.

But I love this piece on Mike Robitaille.

Rise of The Kaleta!

photo Bill Wippert

Theres no hiding the fact the fans love Pat Kaleta. Hes a local boy, he plays like "his hairs on fire", and will hit anything that moves. I also feel he gives the team the ability to play four lines. Andrew Peters has many limitations, Pat Kaleta, not offensively talented by any means, but seems to handle his own when on the ice. He also gives that youthful energy that sometimes the team needs. The team is young, but a lot of the guys have been around a few years, so complacency sets in. This kid comes up and just starts rolling people.

He's been up since the 8th of January against New Jersey, has only 1 goal and yet only 4 minutes in penalties in 16 games. Yet he causes so many when he is on the ice. Last night he got Danny Heatley to punch him in the face. Thats great. With the power play improving, drawing stupid penalties, could be the difference between wins and losses.

Since he's been up the Sabres have gone 8-3-5 in those 16 games. The ability to play 4 lines helped the Sabres to get out of that 10 game winless streak, even though he was there for about half of that bad stretch. He brings that fear in defensemen, that there is this crazy kid out there, looking to take their head off. The Sabres didn't have that. The only person hitting on a consistent basis is Spacek. This also gets Adam Mair on the ice, who I love. When Max gets healthy and Drew Stafford gets back, I just hope he isn't pulled out. But looks like it will be a numbers game victim and be sent back to Rochester. Where Sabres fans will clamor for his return and the AHL will return to hate him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sabres Senators Preview

Here we go the Sabres are unbeaten (shootout loss is a tie to me) in the last 8 games and roll up to the Nations capital in Ottawa to meet the Senators. The Senators are still sitting at that 1st position in the east as they have been since the start of the season, just like the Sabres last year. Except Ottawa wasn't fighting to make the playoffs like Buffalo is, but whatever. The Sens on the other hand are 4-6 in their last 10 games, prompting the trade for Stillman and Commodore. It looks like a good trade on paper. They are fighting to keep 1st from the likes of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Montreal. Sabre fans always fear the Sens, because of the constant losing. But its typical Buffalo fashion, accept losing and not try to overcome it. (ooo political statement)

Who do look out for?

Um Heatley, Alfresson and Spezza. Thats it. Ehh maybe Fisher and Stillman now. Plus their defense is rather good. But just the top line really.

What do I foresee?

I think we'll see a strong game from the Sabres, they might be affected by the Zednik incident, and not really care who they are playing and just go out and play. But they have to overcome sloppy play to win tonight and tonight is a good test to see where they are. These guys are competitive and I think really want to beat these guys. Miller is playing strong and I see that continuing, because the favorable goaltender matchup, might be the deciding edge. Or the Sabres get routed because they are a little off, from you know seeing blood squirt out of a guys neck.

Canisius Sports Weekend Wrapup

Since I have been busy personally and professionally, I've let the blog slip for a couple days. Not that I'm not on top of things, just haven't found the muse to write. Well the Griffs always give me something to write about and they had a productive weekend and by productive I mean another losing weekend. Lets start with the Roundball

Well the Griffs rolled into Manhattan on Sunday, which is not in Manhattan, to play the Jaspers who are probably the 2nd worst team in the MAAC. The Griffs, being the worst. And of course the Griffs got down early, and couldn't mount a comeback and lost to the Jaspers, 97-87. The men are now 4-20 on the year and and just 2-12 in the MAAC. Frank Turner was of course the leading scorer with 17 and 4 other Griffs scored in double digits in the losing effort. What another team shot better then 50% against Canisius? You don't say. Mercifully only 5 games remain for the Griffs before their one and done in the MAAC Tourney.

The Ladies didn't fair better, in fact they faired much worse. They got thumped at home against Marist, the best team in the MAAC, 91-46. The Red Foxes, hit 16 3 point shots. Um get someone outside after 10 maybe? Mmm, Marist is undefeated in the MAAC, impressive. Well this drops the Lady Griffs, the better half of the basketball program, to 10-14. Amanda Cavo led the team with 18 points, her and Russell, trade off on being the leading scorer, how cute. They also have 5 games remaining before tourney time, where they have a shot at beating a couple teams. Yay for staying to the weekend!!!!

The hockey team actually can beat decent teams. They split the weekend with RIT. The first game had a brawl in it. Because obviously RIT is full of dirty players, come its RIT, yeah you know what I'm talking about. Have you met people from RIT? Sure the Griffs lost, but who cares. They fucked up some smart kids.

Good brawl Action!!!!

Well the rematch came a day later, and of course the Griffs won. Come on, RIT was all like we can fight, yeah but Canisius can score. The Griffs scored 3 times on the power play, more signs RIT plays dirty. Just like their school. If they had a fine Jesuit education, I'm sure they'd be more civilized, then the heathens they seem to be. Well the Griffs are now 9-15-5 on the year, and look to make a run at the end to catch those RIT bastards. The Griffs tasted blood, now they want the whole thing. They have 6 games left, with Holy Cross, Air Force and Mercyhurst.

What the Syncho team lost to who? INCARNATE WORD. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

A picture says a thousand words

Um thats kinda gross

I missed sundays game since I was preoccupied, but I was like I'll hear about it later, no big deal its the Panthers and what not. So this morning I heard something on the radio and go to turn on the tv and wait for it and see the grisly news. I go oh boy thats nasty. I hope he's ok. Oh hes in good condition. I always liked Richard Zednik, the kind of player I wouldn't mind on the Sabres a decent scorer who wouldn't really hurt you. But looks like he's done for the year. I can only imagine what this does to the Panthers. Just kinda makes you go, mm Hockey no big deal, I just don't want to bleed to death on the ice.

But for the Sabres a big win, with a busy week that can really put them in playoff contention. Hey first place is only 12 points away. (Yes I know thats a bit of a reach) They just need to add that player, for management to show the team, they think they have something this year. This town needs a good playoff push, to distract from all this Toronto nonsense.

Friday, February 8, 2008

A couple days later

Old rich white guys
(Mark Blinch)

So we're a couple days removed from the big press conference in Toronto about the Bills playing games at the Rogers Centre, and the press is all about "oh no this is the end". Very typical for the media to assume worst case scenario, even though Ralph Wilson has played this card before. And the Government officials are scrambling to show they are doing something, but they have no control over anything. But really moving the team requires a lot of work and effort. Plus you have to deal with the CFL. And people assume that when Ralph dies this Toronto group will buy it. Well what about other groups, with wealthier investors and move it to LA, Las Vegas, wherever. The exchange rate may scare some owners in case it dips again. 5 years down the road, the Canadian Dollar may be weak again, thus putting a group from Canada at a distinct disadvantage.

We're talking 5 years from now, which is a long time away. The Rogers Centre is far from a suitable NFL venue. So what we need is a new stadium put in the works, to cement the franchise to the Buffalo region. Some may say thats a waste of tax money, and its better served for other purposes, say tax breaks for people to start businesses, or ways to attract people back to the region. But I would say having an NFL Franchise has a certain cache to it. The NHL won't do it, minor league baseball certainly won't and NLL? Please. A city having a NFL franchise, especially Buffalo means something to the region. Losing it, will make it even more minor league, then it already is. But of course the man who holds all the cards is Ralph Wilson. He determines the fate of the Bills. He dies and lets the estate sell it, its going to the highest bidder. That doesn't mean Rogers, Tannenbaum and the rest of the Toronto Boys.

But this has got me thinking about things. Why this move?

They are one of the least popular franchises in the league.

Their market size is very small, Pittsburgh and Cleveland dominate to the south, Giants, Jets Patriots cut you off at the Hudson. Toronto is the only place to go. Some may not have any allegiance to a team yet and now theres a team playing in your town. The one time a year is like a special event. If it can create 500, 000 more Bills fans, thats 500,000 more people that might make the trek to WNY to see a game. They come down in mass for Leafs games. Why not a Bills game? The tickets are much cheaper.

The Bills are far from the national radar, this might put them back on the national sports scene. Though this move has gotten about zero on the national radar, so I'm guessing no one will care theres a game in Toronto.

The Bills opportunity to make money is very limited. The market isn't very rich, the market size is very small to draw upon. The Cowboys are the most popular team and are in a rich market. Of course they can charge what they want, the demand dictates it. So why not go up the QEW and make a special arrangement. And pull in some of that money, its a smart business move and if you have to move a game there, then so be it.

But what if in 5 years nothing changes, no new ownership, no new stadium in the works, are the Bills good as gone? Who knows. But that brings up a unique question will you still root for them?

Same team, just a different place. Its the old question, do you root for the City or do you root for the team name? Personally I think I would still be a Bills fan.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bills in Toronto

After listening to that Press Conference and Ralph Wilson ramble on about nothing, and connections to Canada, like Canada is some mysterious land. A cookie gilchrist reference Ralph? Good one, that really shows something. I get a feeling theres a bunch at work. Ralph, Ted Rogers and Larry Tannenbaum seem like they are in cahoots. But whatever can make the franchise more money I'm in favor of I guess. Money that can go out and sign that free agent. Players see they are going to play in a big city at least one game a year. Maybe give the illusion the team is moving somewhere more glamorous.

All I know there will be 5 regular season games starting this year with a preseason game in 08, 10 and 2012. Meaning this year Bills season ticket holders will only have to get 8 tickets, instead of 10. So that will make the year cheaper. And in a weird way increasing season ticket sales, and increasing revenues, but offering a special package. What an odd situation.

Is this the start of the team moving? Who knows, could it be? Sure. Could it be an audition for Toronto getting a New Franchise? Sure. expansion to LA and Toronto would make sense. Both need new stadiums. Both take lots of time. So lets see how this goes, and it should be interesting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sabres Bruins Preview

Oh yay, the Bruins, the NHL's most exciting team. Ugh. Bruins games are usually terrible and sloppy, since the Bruins don't have much talent, but do enough to win. Kinda like the devils. Except Tim Thomas isn't Marty Brodeur. But they are in the division, so the Sabres have to play them 8 times a year, god I hope the schedule changes and there is only 6 games a year. And with that its 2 back to back games. Just to make the series over quicker. But this is an important game for the Sabres since they need wins to climb up the standings. With the Bruins 6 points ahead of the Sabres and in 8th place. Not to put pressure on but its a must win for the Sabres tonight. Good thing Ryan Miller is back, you could cancel the season if his injury was serious.

Whats up with the Bruins.

Well the Bruins are playing pretty well of late going 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. Really only 2 points better then the Sabres. But if the Sabres pull a couple of those shootouts, this game is pretty much a game for 8th place. But they aren't a offensive team only scoring 137 goals on the year. And they give up the same as they score. Most of the games will be close and tight, its like playing the Devils. The Bruins are also 3-0-1 against Buffalo this year and they will be playing again on Friday, what? So its Boston, New Jersey and then Boston again. Who is the schedule maker? Seriously? The bruins are tough to beat and whatever.

Who does what on the Bruins

Well the man is Marc Savard who is WAY ahead of everyone on the Bruins in points. Like 25 more points then anyone. How thats possible is beyond me. He is leading with 59 points, but only 13 goals. Chuck Kobasew is leading in goals with 19. Really Chuck Kobasew? Marco Sturm, Zdeno Chara, Phil Kessel are also some guys to look out for. But really just be careful when Savard is out there, he can make some plays, and is also a + Player. But the reason the team wins is Tim Thomas his numbers are outstanding with a 2.28 GAA and a .930 sv%. But after watching Alex Auld the last time these two played, they could do no wrong tonight in net.


Well looks like I probably will miss this game and thats a shame, because the Bruins are fun to watch. I'll read up on the game, since there probably won't be too many highlights in this barnburner. But playing in Boston, which probably is very sad right now, awwww, plus a lot of sabre fans in attendance should be an interesting environment. Now the question is should I just cut and paste this for friday?

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