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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bills in Toronto

LIVE from Toronto its MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!!

I can see that shot. Because some regular season game in Toronto isn't going to be 4th place on the CBS lineup. Thats gonna be a primetime game. Well depends on the game they put up there. I'm guessing it won't be a Bills Dolphins game. But with the news of the Bills signing a 8 game deal over 5 years to play in Toronto, people are freaking out again. What about the season ticket holders!!!! We're third in line to get tickets!!!!! Come on how many Bills season ticket holders can plunk down $2000 grand to begin with on top of this years season tickets. Its cheaper to stay here then take that deal. Plus how many can actually cross the border.

Oh the team is moving! The sky is falling! AHHHHHHH. Relax. Its a cash grab by the Bills to get more money, to um, spend on players maybe? Make the team better. Remember when the Packers played in Milwaukee like once a year for years? Well its like that. Its like a girl scout needing money for the troop and instead of staying in the cheap poor neighborhood, they decide to hit up the gated community to the north. Nothing wrong with that. The Bills have their training camp in Rochester and that is a success and 50 times better then Fredonia. So lets see $250 a ticket and the roger centre holds about 53k for football thats how much revenue per game? Thats 13.25 Million dollars of Revenue. Lets see the average ticket for Ralph Wilson is 41.29 and that seats 73,967. Lets do the math on that one for a average home game. Thats about 3.05 Million a game. ALMOST 10 million MORE A GAME!!!! Hey thats a couple decent players. When you do that math on this. The Bills are super smart to put one game up there. Put one of the late season games in there, close the roof, and rake in the cash.

And if the Bills do move to Toronto, better then LA isn't it?

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coolman856 said...

I wouldn't say that the game in Toronto would be a primetime game. The London games aren't primetime games, not everyone saw those and depending on the opponent, I could see it being fourth on the totem pole for a CBS or FOX game.

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