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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Could the Sabres Amerks relationship end?

A interesting article from the Buffalo News today, brought up that possibility. Lets dissect it line by line.

Looks like the Panthers, who share the Amerks with the Sabres, are looking for their own AHL Affliate in Glens Falls or Cornwall, Ontario. Because "The Panthers are looking to set themselves up with their own AHL affiliate in an attempt to consistently get their prospects more ice time." Talk about a culture shock with those kids being called up to Miami, must be like winning the lottery. Ok from the sound it, the Sabres will get back the Amerks to themselves and stock the team and get more experience for their kids.


Steve Donner, the Amerks’ president and CEO, told the publication that he would be open to considering a deal with the Panthers if they would agree to add some veterans to their AHL roster in order to become more competitive.

“They’ve been wonderful to deal with,” Donner said. “It’s a first-class operation.”

Is that a shot at the Sabres Brass? A statement about being cheap maybe? Steve do you really want to take shots, at a company run by a ROCHESTER BILLIONAIRE. Thats beyond biting the hand that feeds you.

So Steve, you want more veterans to make your roster more competitive. Last time I checked the reason the Amerks are even winning this year is because of Sabre prospects. From what I see theres a steady flow of quality players. Well I'm sure if the Sabres run it solo, they'd give you some veterans. Wait who are your top 4 scorers?

Clarke Macarthur

Mark Mancari

Dylan Hunter

Marek Zagrapan.

And your best goalie, Adam Dennis?


But, “Our relationship with Rochester has been good,” said Jacques Martin, Florida’s general manager and coach, “but that time has come.”

The Panthers are leaving, no matter what. So Steve, don't take shots like these. I'm guessing Tom Golisano doesn't like little petty shots like this thrown at him.

I'm sure the Lake Erie Monsters wouldn't mind having a relationship with the Avalanche and the Sabres.

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