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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Midseason Superbowl.

Oh boy, CBS sports executives were excited about this game earlier in the year, but with how things worked out. They must have the biggest football stiffies of all time. The ad rates for this game must be through the roof. Especially since everyone but the Houston market gets this game. Its basically the Superbowl in early November. I'm not usually super pumped up about overly hyped football games. But this one should be good. You know both teams dislike each other. After last years comeback, in the AFC Championship, the Patriots must be pissed.

I use to highly dislike the Patriots mainly due to the fact they rampaged over the Bills for the past few years. It was all about jealousy. They seem to get all the calls, every break went their way, thats why that opener from several years ago was so sweet, when the Bills ran all over Tom Brady and the Pats. But now. I have moved on to total respect. Spygate, is way over hyped. The Patriots aren't winning because of taping other coaches. Does it help? Maybe, but if the other team is too stupid to change up signals, they deserve to lose. They win consistently for 1 reason

Tom Brady.

The golden boy, the model dating, actress impregnating future HOF QB. Just watch him. His line gives him so much time. And now with actual NFL quality receivers. Hes unstoppable. Hes a surgeon. Its remarkable. Later in the week I will write about Tom Brady the King maker. This guy has made so many other people rich, he should receive commissions. Now with Randy Moss, hes like fuck it I'm going deep, he'll catch it. Tom Brady is saving Randy Moss' career. We are seeing the old Moss.

GCFB can't forget about Peyton Manning. A fellow HOF QB. He is different. More of a conductor then surgeon. He conducts this massively talented offense, to perfection at times. He also makes players around him better. And with that Superbowl win last year we can no longer unfairly call him a choker. Hes a winner. With the Colts defense having their own Peyton Manning, in Bob Sanders, who if in, the Colts are much better then when he is hurt.


I have no idea how this game is going to go. I just hope for a close, tight, hard hitting contest. A blowout by either team would be depressing, because there is nothing else on. I guess I could write my Bills post game wrap up. But I want to be sucked in. I want some real drama. I want something to live up to its hype. I heard American Gangster does, so I could go see that. Well whatever I'm rambling.


Clubber Lang?

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