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Friday, November 2, 2007

Sabres Panthers Preview

Sure I could talk about last nights game, but I missed 2 periods due to having dinner with GCFB's father. So I wouldn't know where to start. Plus I don't like to talk about the past, I'm here to talk about the future. If you wanna read about it, read it here.

After beating the Panthers 4-2 last friday in Miami, the Sabres and Panthers play again tonight. Yeah, nothing like the Florida Panthers to get you all excited about Hockey. Oh man, Florida is one of those teams, where if the Sabres never played again I wouldn't mind. I'm sure the Sabre fans in South Florida wouldn't be too happy. If there were a price level below Value, this game would be at the Garbage price level. Buy a Pizza, get a free Sabre ticket. Thats what this game is worth to me.

So whats going on with the Panthers, (who cares I know, but I have to do it)

They are 5-7 on the year with 31Gf and 38GA and are 1-5 on the road. But coming off a big win against Carolina on Wednesday.

And heres another reason to go to Miami in November, the Panthers have launched "Hat Month" where every fan gets a free Panthers hat, when they attend a home game in November. Wow, thats a good promotion, but a desperate grab for fans.

From the official press release
Fans may pick up their hat as they enter the BankAtlantic Center for each home game. The hats which have a retail value of $19.99 each (not available for individual purchase), also make for great holiday gifts.

Oh yeah nothing says Merry Christmas like a free Panthers hat. I'm sure you're little nephew wouldn't hate you for years for that one.

Ok, ok, what about the players, who is any good on that team?

Well obviously led by their captain and leading scorer Olli Jokinen, who is actually a very good player, but since he plays in Florida, might as well be playing for the Prague Panthers. Other team leaders are...

Nathan Horton 5 goals 5 Assts 10 points 26 PM
Stephen Weiss 1 goal 8 Assts 9 Points
Tomas Vokun 3.09 GAA 905 SV%

Ugh this team is awful and wouldn't follow them unless you paid me a lot of money.

Prediction Time

Nolan Pratt comes in and starts hitting fools, wakes up the rest of the team that they can actually touch opponents without hurting themselves and roll to a 5-2 victory.

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Downerguy said...

Enough hockey...I want a Golden Griffin basketball preview. Where are the griffs ranked? Is Tom Perrotta's job on the line? Where is Mike McDonald?

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