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Friday, November 2, 2007

New Sabre

Meet your newest Sabre Nolan Pratt!

I applaud this signing, because it means Andrej Sekera can stay off the ice. He has been downright terrible. And this guy is supposed to be the future of the defense? Oh boy. I hope TJ Brennan is much better.

So what about Pratt

He's 6'3 207 lbs 32 Year old

Big, experienced exactly what the defense needs. Hate to say it, a Jay McKee type.

So is he offensive?

537 games 8 goals 50 assts 58 points.

Well no, hes not. But they have enough of the offensive defenseman type.

See you later tonight Nolan. Can't hurt to have a old Whaler on your team right?

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