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Sunday, November 4, 2007

A interesting game to get to .500

Going into the game today, you would look at it and go, the Bills should win. But theres always that doubt. Well its Carson Palmer, and the Bills have shown zero ability to score this year. Even against the Jets. GCFB is the eternal optimistic, and tries to see the upside in everything. It keeps me from totally going crazy. But things are going decent for the GCFB at the moment, so its easy to be upbeat. Anyway....

Lets get to the game.
(all stats coming from

First Quarter

The Bills start with the Ball and come out throwing. Which most Bills are always wary of. But after a bad first throw. JP finds his BFF, Lee Evans for 2 catches for 47 Yards and the Bills are in Business. After some Lynch runs, they work into the red zone. Its a pass in the corner for what was a incomplete pass, but after further review, TOUCHDOWN LEE EVANS!!!!

Bills 7 Bengals 0

The Bengals not to be outdone, decide well alright, we'll throw it around. First a long pass to Chad Johnson, whose day would get much worse later. But its always that screen pass that gets this defense this one to Kenny Watson for 43 Yards, and the Bengals are in business. After a ineffective run, one of many, Palmer finds Houshmandzadeh for a TD. Greer had good coverage, but Palmer put it behind him.

Bills 7 Bengals 7

The rest of the quarter is a trade of punts. Until the Bills are driving again, and JP throws a terrible interception at the 7. They probably would have scored on this drive, but oh well, its early and turned out to do no damage.

2nd Quarter.

The Bengals march a little, but are stopped at midfield by the Bills defense, who had a good day, and forced to punt.

The Bills begin their march to field goals on this drive. They start from the 25, and mix the run and pass. A pass to Evans, Lynch, Gaines. Then some more Lynch runs, till he almost scores. But its 1st and goal at the 1, so TD coming right? They do some crazy movement before the snap and let a Bengal to come right through and drop Lynch for a 4 yard loss, followed by a short pass to Gaines, then a run for a loss. Ugh. Just line it up and pound it for 3 plays. You'll score, trust me. The Bills settle for a Lindell field goal from 23 yards.

Bills 10 Bengals 7

Then in typical Bills fashion next play a 100 yard kickoff return from Holt. Who I don't think was touched. Oy.

Bills 10 Bengals 14

Usually with less then 2 minutes in the half the Bills have been sitting on it, but not this time. They came out to get some points before halftime. A few passes by Losman to Reed and Evans got the ball in the red zone. But a short pass to Reed left them at the 3 and not enough time for another pass in the Endzone, so here comes Rian, and puts through a 21 yarder right before halftime. A nice drive, though a couple shots in the endzone would have been nice.

Bills 13 Bengals 14

3rd Quarter.

The Bengals start the half with a nice 3 and out. For how good you think the Bengals offense is, they aren't really impressive. Or maybe the Bills defense is getting that much better? Who knows.

Well after a terrible punt and a very stupid penalty by Adams, spearing a guy already down is a one way ticket to unemployedville. Just like that the Bills are in field goal territory. Once again mixing up the pass to Evans and Reed, and good strong runs by Lynch, the Bills march into the Red Zone. But once again sputter with a questionable end around for Reed, thats snuffed out. A mid range pass, leaves them short, and the settle for Mr. Reliable Rian Lindell. Its up and good. Another short field goal this one from 29. And the Bills are back in the lead.

Bills 16 Bengals 14

The lead didn't last that long, because the Bengals went onto another scoring drive. Really the Bengals only moved the ball throwing it, so they threw it to the Bengals big guns Houshmandzedeh and Johnson. With a big 23 yard pass to Johnson to really move the drive. But George Wilson gave him a good shove and hit the ground hard head first, like Coles hit last week. But got up, and his day wouldn't get much better. This drive was marked by odd calls by the officials, one where it looked the Bills jumped offside, so Palmer kneeled it and thats how they call it a 1 yard loss. Then when everyone thought Rudi Johnson scored, the one official said TD, the other marked him down. He was obviously short. Come on guys you can do better then that. None the less, a TD pass from Palmer to Johnson, no not that Johnson, no the other one. Jeremi Johnson. And just like that the Bengals are back in charge.

Bills 16 Bengals 21

The Bills weren't happy about that drive, so they were moving the ball all day and continued to that on this next possession. A nice run back by Terrence McGee, who I think doesn't get the respect he deserves, takes it to the 40. This drive moved with Losman scrambles, who I think was surprised by time to throw today, got 19 yards and a couple first downs. More methodical plays to drive down the field, but again, stopped short of the end zone. So Rian Lindell comes trotting out, thinking, man I got a lot work today, puts a 38 yarder right down the middle. The lead is cut to 2.

Bills 19 Bengals 21

4th Quarter. (yes I know the Bills scored on that last drive in the 4th, but whatever)

The Bengals go three and out on the next drive, with a horrible drop by Chad Johnson over the middle, probably would have scored and ended the game. But somehow fell to the ground, and the Bills responded with their own three and out. But pinned the Bengals down at the 8 on the punt. Who again went three and out, more quality defense, but on the punt, the Bengals committed, 4 PENALTIES, amazing, the holding call was taken and the Bills got to start a critical drive at the Bengal 32.

Ian Eagle starts it off saying the Bills in field goal range. THEY DON'T NEED A FIELD GOAL THEY NEED A TD!!!! Well they gave the ball to their play maker Lynch. Someone might have gave Fairchild a brain transplant during this game. But Lynch runs for 24 yards on 6 carries, then they bust out the halfback option and Lynch throws a spiral to a wide open Robert Royal, who surprisingly doesn't drop it. Then does some dance routine in the end zone. I'm glad the camera panned away. Anywho the lead changes.

Bills 26 Bengals 21

The Bengals respond on a critical drive by going 4 and out. Nice. Their lack of run game cost them at this point.

The Bills get the ball and you are like me and screaming to kill the clock. Well Losman throws a absolute strike to Evans to get a huge first down. WOOOOO, was my actually response. Then Lynch kills the game, by breaking two tackles behind the line the scrimmage to run down the sideline for a 56 yard touchdown. This got him his first 100 yard game as a Bill, and a play that will cement Bills fan love for the guy. So...

Bills 33 Bengals 21

I'm going please don't kick it deep, don't kick it deep, they do and its returned to the 49, oh no, oh wait, holding. And takes it back to the 20. Man the Bengals are a stupid football team. Well still some time for the Bengals to work, a couple small passes killing time, then a long pass over the middle to Chad Johnson, who gets drilled by Whitner. It didn't look that bad, but he didn't get up and was carted off on a stretcher. Scary, especially for a guy having a terrible game. But sounds like he will be okay. Good, I like Chad Johnson. But the Bengals march down, killing clock and ends the possession with a interception near the goal line by Kiwaukee Thomas. How this team stops people with who they have in the secondary is amazing.

Ball game.

The Bills reach 500 halfway in the season, which I don't think anyone saw, a month ago, people were talking about the 1st pick in the draft and the thing is, they could easily be 6-2. Shows you how close every team is in the NFL, well not named Patriots or Colts.

Winning feel good dance song.
Cure Lets go to Bed

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