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Friday, November 2, 2007

Sweet Home Football


GCFB is an alumnus of Sweet Home High School, and a proud one at that. I found it a great school and can provide a high quality education to a very diverse student population. Plus they also rock at sports.

So I get excited when the football team wins the section title.

Sure I don't know anyone on the team, and the only reason I'm happy is because I went there. I didn't play on the team, but I did play in the pep band, so I went to every home game. Plus the sectional championships at Ralph Wilson. Playing a instrument at Ralph Wilson in late October is not fun. Its pretty hard actually. You can't wear gloves, its cold, and your mostly into the game and could care less about playing Louie Louie, at a moments notice.

The team was really good for the 4 years I went there. Blew out bad teams. A huge offensive line, a decent passing attack and a stingy defense. But never could win at Ralph Wilson. Couldn't get over the hump. Those teams included the only Sweet Home graduate to ever play in the NFL, Keith ONeil. Who after winning a ring last year with the Colts, was cut. So many great teams that never won anything and I felt bad, because they were better then that. When they won their first sectional title in a while in 2002, I was shocked and happy. Finally a trophy to add to all those Volleyball titles that dominate the trophy case. Now again 5 years later.

Congrats Panthers, now go out and kick some Section V ass, and go win the state title in Syracuse.


Courtney said...

So, your a sweet home alumnus. Me too...

Anonymous said...

I am a current Sweet Home High School student and we are going NYS semi-Final Championships in Rochester for football. GO PANTHERS!!!!

Park Models Rule said...

I'm a SHHS Alum (Proud member of the Class of 78!!). I live in Georgia now, but still follow the Panthers!
Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader!

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