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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Holes in schedule seem to effect Sabre play.

I know here at the GCFB we don't like to talk about the past, because talking about a game that just happened is just rehashing what everyone knows. Its like school and I'm not a fan of school. If I want to learn I'll do it myself.

But after last nights loss, which I barely paid attention to. I had better things to do, like improve my personal life. But it was on in front of me, so I kinda caught it. They seemed iffy, but if you want a recap go here, here, or here So I will give my whole take on what I see as a trend.


They start off the season, with 2 straight losses, take a week off then win 3 games in 5 days. Get 3 days off, come off flat against the Blue Jackets, then lose the next night against Montreal. Get another extended couple days off and lay one on the road in Carolina. But it got their legs moving enough to win 2 in a row in Florida. Then again with the 4 days off. Then two straight losses in two straight days.

They run hot or they run cold. No in between. Is this coaching? No, its the players. They need to get into a mindset, and stay with it. There are no saviors coming through that door boys. Its all on you. Every player from Vanek to Ryan, needs to bring up their game, show heart on every shift, and play balls to the wall. No one is giving you guys shit. The RAV is downright brutal at times. Boys, you all are very well off. Now play like you wanna be here, I'm sure Darcy would love to unload some contracts for young players who are hungry.

Its early November and I'm not too concerned yet. But its only a few weeks before alarms start going off. This franchise can't afford thousands of empty blue seats. The fanbase can easily go back to apathetic like several years ago.

Winning is the responsibility of every member of this team. T_E_A_M You know

They have 4 games in 6 days all against NE Division opponents. This is a critical early season test on character and will. And if they aren't up for it. Time to ship someone out.

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