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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Talkin bout UB Football

I know everyone is excited for UB Football and how they you know, win football games this year. But me, ehhh. I'm not falling for it.

Win/Loss of teams they beat. 17-20
Win/Loss of teams they lost to. 21-22

Their Win/Loss record. 4-5

Combined Score of teams above .500 they lost to. 132-41

So they play around the mediocre level. Are we praising them for reaching mediocre? And when playing teams above mediocre, they aren't in the game.

I do applaud Turner Gill for turning things into the positive direction. But really the UB President John Simpson is the one responsible for this. His decision to spend more money in Athletics. This is the real reason for the turnaround. Money makes College Football go. Poor teams = Poor records. But they still have to pour more money into Athletics to make them attractive to better recruits.

Lets take a look at Attendance.

Buffalo vs Baylor

22676 people

Buffalo vs Ohio

10755 people

Buffalo Vs Toledo
12529 people

Buffalo vs Akron

10142 people

Um I thought Division 1a teams had to have a certain amount of attendance to keep their status.

Don't these low numbers violate this policy? Sure they can get a decent crowd for a home opener,

against a BCS conference team, but against their own conference they can't get about 13k, doesn't UB

have a large student population? The athletics department needs to get their own population

enthused before even dreaming of ever exciting the general public. Plus this area is crawling with UB alumni

so it shouldn't be that hard of a marketing job.

All I'm saying is you won't catch me at a UB football game anytime soon. Why? Because my school Canisius

got rid of their football team my senior year and I'm still bitter. Was Canisius any good? Hell no.

I saw some pretty bad football in my day. But there was always a decent crowd, since there was a sense of community at Canisius.

Anyway, good luck Bulls, get yourself a bowl bid.

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