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Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Farm Report

Every Friday here at QCFB, we will update you on the kids down on the farm, to see how the future is doing, or not doing.

So whats up with the Amerks?

They are 4-7-1-1 so basically 4-9 but whats disturbing is they are being outscored 36 to 52. Thats not good news. Well that must be the Florida Panther guys right? Um not really.

Marc Andre Gragani has 6 points, but a whopping -14 in 13 games. Wow thats some bad defense.

Mike Card is not shabby at a -12 in 12 games.

At least Adam Dennis is trying to hold the fort down with a 4-3-1 record and 3.35 GAA and a 9.00Sv% right now those are Milleresque numbers.

The defense is piss poor, what about the offense?

Well Clarke Macarthur pissed about playing in the AHL, is tearing it up

He has 16 points in 12 games and showing the Sabres, that they should cut Mike Ryan today, and just bring this kid up.

Mark Mancari has 9 Points in 12 games, he is another guy I like. Big imposing forward, someone who the Sabres could use.

Marek Zagrapan has 8 points in 13 games.

So bottom line.

If there is a rash of injuries at forward, I'm not too concerned. But the defensive depth isn't there. So in between games, the Sabres should cover Lydman and Tallinder in bubble wrap.

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Downerguy said...

It's always good to hear how the Amerks are doing. As I always say Jodi Gage, greatest living hockey player, needs to be the coach and lead scout for the Sabres organization.

And oddly enough, don't the amerks share with sabres and panthers.

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