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Monday, April 28, 2008

2008 Draft Review

(James McCoy)

Well I missed the entire Draft, well not pre coverage, but the actual footage of it. Usually that would have made me worry, but this year, I was spending quality time with the Girlfriend. She let me listen to it on the radio on the way to various things. (Thank you) I also realized it was time well spent, because I never felt like I missing anything. She doesn't make me miss cable. Shhh don't tell her, she might not get it. But I read the paper and reading up on the picks today. Which I realize I do every year, because TV doesn't really care about late round picks, unless they are well known. So its pointless to watch on Sunday these days. Its all about the first round anyway. That and the pointing out the fact Tom Brady was a 6 round pick, really? I haven't heard that A MILLION TIMES. But I thought I'd recap the picks and see how I feel.

1st Leodis McKelvin CB Troy St.

Well I didn't think he'd be here, so I'm thrilled. The Bills needed a 1st round corner. Like Clements or Winfield. McGee and Greer are good. But the Bills need great. Plus hes a great return man? Oh boy I see a #28 jersey in my future.

2nd. James Hardy WR Indiana.

He's big, he can catch and he won't cost much. Perfect. Trent throw it up and let Mr Hardy bring it down. We'll see, but could be a great pick.

3rd. Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech.

A speed rusher, filling a need, with the lack of speed from the Ends. Schobel, king of the coverage sack and Kelsey, who I have no idea what he does. Need a guy to put fear in tackles. Hopefully Chris Ellis can help.

4th. Reggie Corner CB Akron

A Corner, named Corner? Cute. Hopefully he can cover. Mr Youbouty just got cut.

4th. Derek Fine TE Kansas.

A sure handed, blocking TE. Don't they have this all ready? Wait Robert Royal can't catch. So no.
5th. Alvin Bowen OLB Iowa St.

A Keith Ellison Clone?Is that a compliment? Special teams or cut.

6th. Xavier Oman Rb NW Missouri St.

Huge production, small school. Well its can be a battle between him and Action Fred Jackson for that backup running back spot. Could be a fan favorite in the preseason. I see practice squad in his future.

7th. Demetrius Bell OT Northwestern State.

Karl Malones estranged son. Mmm too bad they aren't fielding a basketball team. Cut then put on the practice squad.

7th. Steve Johnson WR Kentucky.

He better know how to run down the field quick and tackle, because thats the only way hes making the team. The new Sam Aiken?

7th Kennard Cox CB Pittsburgh.

Mmm, a corner that doesn't have good technique, so he might have to move to safety. Yikes. Special teams or released.

Well the draft will be graded in several years, but I think they did what they wanted. So I'm happy with the first 3 picks. Those are the most important. The other guys just form the real team. I think I need to look at the Draft 3 and 4 years ago and do some grading. Its that type of day.

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