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Thursday, April 24, 2008

In defense of Danny Briere

Now thats playoff intensity

I know this will sound like I'm turning Bucky Gleason on you, don't worry I'm not. This won't be a shot at management, or some slam on Golisano, this is just playing Devils advocate. But really should we as Sabre fans root against Danny Briere? We can root against the Flyers sure, but can't we also be happy for Danny and his success? What in his time in Buffalo did he do to upset us? Other then going to arbitration and seeing what hes worth. (For shame) He was one of the catalysts to the Sabres resurgence for bankruptcy hell. And what did management do to reward him? Let him go. They knew they couldn't afford him, he really wasn't in their plans. Probably saw Gerbe, Roy, Pominville as potential replacements. But honestly the team missed a guy like Briere.

What did he do in his time in Buffalo?

225 games 95 goals 230 points.


34 games 11 goals 34 points

Thats over a point per game in the regular season and a point per game in the playoffs. His regular season numbers are even better if you take out the pre lockout years. There its almost 1.2 points per game. The guy is a legitimate all star. This year the numbers dragged, maybe due to contract pressures, new guys to play with. Playing in Philly. But really we all tried to put down Danny as a non playoff performer. But really, he showed up. He just got called out more for when he struggled. Hockey God, could disappear for games and let a big line roll right over him and still be deified. Chris Drury to me always seems like that guy, who does good work, is highly praised, but really looking for a better opportunity. Anybody who grows up a superstar always gives me a bad vibe. Danny scraped and worked to where he is. I like that. He was the perfect player for Buffalo. But we always want the other guy.

So what is he doing this year in the Playoffs?

6 goals 11 points and a +2.

Oh and he was also on the ice when Lupol scored. Because things happen when Briere is out there. Chris Drury has 3 points. Captain Clutch indeed. So Danny I apologize for enjoying in your earlier struggles, its a Buffalo thing, we don't like success. We want people who leave here to fail. Its a insecurity thing. But I am happy you are finding success in Philly.

I just hope Philly doesn't have any success.

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Porky said...

Those guys made the right moves. The fact that they're still alive in the playoffs says something about their ability to lead.

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