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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Honestly someone thought this was a good idea, the players seemed embarrassed to have to stand there while this guy comes out. It just makes me glad I'm not a Sens fan. Besides having to root for a bunch of scumbags. It just makes me happy the Pens are taking it to the Sens and that series is over. They scraped into the playoffs after a disastrous free fall after the new year. Bryan Murray has got to be fired. This team isn't good enough and they won't be good next year. They have one line and its getting older. Their defense is decent, but their goaltending downright sucks.

Really everyone enjoys the Sens going down in flames. Their run as a power is just about over. Its time to clean house in Ottawa I feel. It looks like Montreal is going to take Ottawas place as the every year contender for the Northeast Crown. The Sabres are in a semi transition mode, but have the talent to compete. Ottawa is one line, but Alfie is getting to the point of retiring and have pending free agents.

Redden, Commodore and Richardson are all UFA's, along with grinders and Meszaros is a RFA. And have 27.5 million tied up in Heatley, Spezza, Aflie and Fisher. Mike Fisher is making 6 million next year? YIKES! They have talent tied up. But Alfredsson is 34 and signed through 11/12.

Cory Stillman is a UFA and only is making 1.75 Million? Mmm Darcy, cup winning veteran with scoring ability. (Alarms ringing)

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