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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meet the new Assistant GM

This is taken from the Press release from the Sabres Front Office.

Today the Sabres would like to announce the hiring of a new Assistant GM, Anton Chigurh. He will be helping Darcy with some negotiations of contracts and scouting key free agents but mostly will be traveling. Hes not a big fan of "office work"

Mr Chigurh, has not been involved with hockey at any level, but from several sources, is very good at what he does. Darcy has been overwhelmed with contracts the past few years and came to us for someone to "help" him out, so he can concentrate on the total team without having to get into every detail. Darcy will still lead the way for acquisition of new talent and the retention of current talent, but Anton will help him out in the "tougher" negotiations.

We are very optimistic that Mr Chigurh, will make the Sabre organization one that everyone will fear.... playing against, due to the top level talent acquired.

Mr Chigurh will not be available for interviews and any questions for him can be directed towards Mike Gilbert.

Getting Caught From Behind, tried to sneak an interview, but our guy, hasn't got back to us. He said he saw him, but we haven't heard back yet. He must be working on the piece still.

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