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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Western Conference 1st Round Preview

Oh boy the western conference, teams we rarely see here in the east, due to the crazy schedule. There are good players you never hear of, and teams you have no idea how good they are. You look at the standings and go hey they must be good. Well the Sharks got hammered by the Sabres this year at home, so are they that good, or are there holes? Well this is a lot more fun then looking at the Eastern conference since theres lots of hate built up there. Here, really more unknown and hey I could root for them.

First up


1) Detroit vs 8) Nashville

Central division rivals, though many say Detroit beats up on its "weak" division, really they kinda struggle, so it will be interesting if familiarity helps Nashville here. They are a surprise this year, due to all the financial problems they have, but the snuck in and get the mighty red wings. The Predators are 3-5 vs the Wings this year, but Detroit is getting healthy at the right time. And the overall edge, Wings beat the Sabres, the Predators did not. So...

Wings in 5 games.


2) San Jose vs 7) Calgary

Now this will be an interesting series. The Flames took the series 3-1, with 2 ot games. But the sharks have been on fire lately. Since the Brian Campbell trade they seem almost unbeatable. But with two losses at the end of the season, who knows. The Sharks couldn't pick a worse first round opponent. A solid goaltender, a stud forward and a mean, tough offensive defenseman. But, the sharks are a bit deeper and better defensively then the Flames, and that will prove to be the advantage.

Sharks in 7.


3) Minnesota vs 6) Colorado

Yikes, I have no clue on both these teams. These teams might as well play in Europe. I don't know if I watched them at all this year. Gaborik had 42 goals for the Wild, thats pretty damn good. Experienced Vets, like Brian Rolston, Mark Parrish and Pavol Demita with Sean Hill and Keith Carney on the Blue line. While the Avs have no 30 goal scorers, Sakic and Forsberg, but not from the 90's and Jose Theodore in the nets? They seem to have a bunch of Vets and young and up and coming kids. But are they that good? I don't know.

Wild in 6.


4) Ducks vs 5) Stars

Wow wait Doug Weight plays for the Ducks, along with Todd Bertuzzi AND Pronger? This team is full of vets and assholes. Which means they are a pretty good team. Put definitely lack scoring. They have a notable roster, but the stats are pretty bad. Its like the Sabre teams of the late 90's. But making a ton more money. Really not getting the value for the amount dishing out, unless you count wins. The Stars have a bit more scoring, but the playoff enigma Marty Turco. Looking at the stats in the west, besides Detroit, you go how did they win? Well I like the Ducks.

Ducks in 6.

Well there you go my preview on the West, and yes I chalked it, Wings, Sharks, Wild and Ducks. I don't care its my opinion and if I'm right you can all.... call me smart.

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