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Friday, April 25, 2008

I love this story

The UB leading Scorer puts an ad on Facebook for someone to write a paper for him. Um let me get this out.


Woooo, that felt good. Oh man what a moron. Like no one was going to find out. Well, he does play basketball at UB and who goes to those games? I live here and I haven't heard of Andy Robinson. This type of stuff wouldn't fly at Canisius. I'd hope he'd get kicked out of school. If he was that dumb to post this ad. Doesn't he know any ladies or fans that would do it for him? I thought star players were popular? They knew ton of people. Shouldn't he just go hey Danny, read this and write a 3 to 4 page paper. Most college kids can pump these bad boys out. And really what does Andy Robinson have on his plate that could get in the way. A Job? Division 1 athletes don't work. Study? Obviously, thats not on the plate. Practice? I don't think they can practice officially. That means he is going to school for free, and can't even write a small paper. But we all know big time sports are corrupt. Hell they are corrupt at the small level too. Is there even that much pressure to win at UB? What if you fielded a team of actual students. You know future lawyers and doctors, teachers whatever. Instead of kids that their only skill is playing a game. Would big time sports suffer? I don't think they would. Imagine if the kid down the hall was on the football team. I knew people on sports teams. It made me go to sports I wouldn't have normally gone to. Well it doesn't matter never going to happen.

Andy Robinson has been suspended from basketball-related activities for his actions last week in soliciting help to complete part of his course work,” UB coach Reggie Witherspoon said in a statement released by the school. “He has since taken corrective steps and is extremely remorseful for his actions and the appearance of impropriety that this incident has cast on all UB student- athletes.

Of course he is. I don't think it shines badly on all student athletes, just Andy Robinson. Is the best player? Maybe? Is that trying to cheat? Yes? Should be kicked out of school? Probably. Will he? Of course not, hes the best basketball player in school. Anyway these rants have been written for years. Athletes get better treatment, its the way it is. We don't bring money into the school that they do. I shouldn't say athletes, Big time Athletes, female soccer players aren't getting that treatment. They are too busy writing papers and graduating so they can get a job.

Anyway, Andy Robinson you certainly #1, #1 in being really stupid.

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