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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sabres Canadiens Preview

Here we are the 2nd last game of the season, everything is on the line. One team just has to win to survive, the other just to stay with Pittsburgh for 1st place. Oh in a year things have changed. Montreal was the one fighting for their playoff lives last year, and Buffalo was cruising towards the Presidents trophy. Hey remember how that was cool. Now we enter the Bell Centre. Backs against the proverbial wall, survive and live, lose and die. Montreal doesn't have the pressure, hell they could play only 3 minutes of hockey and win, grrrrr. Hey sounds like a team from last year. Good news for the Sabres that Spacek will be back, the power play has missed him. And so has the team. You know I hear these guys might be back like Numminen, and get excited then think, wait there might be only 2 games left, who cares? Its not like last year when Connolly came back and it was like OOOO they are getting Connolly for the Playoffs. Who of course is out for the year now. Well Koivu and Komisarek are both out so that helps a tiny bit. The Sabres can use all help they can get. Of course the Leafs were missing half the offense and put Raycroft in net and they barely won.

The Habs

Well the Habs are hot as usual, playing very well the entire year. A team you really can support and go, hey thats a good hockey team. 7-2-1 in their last 10, so they are playing very smart hockey, trying to grab that 1 spot. Though they just lost to the Leafs, the blues and Ottawa. All teams make mistakes. And Halak was in net for 2 of the 3. So Carey Price is, 10-4 in his last 14 starts. Maybe this kid is the real deal, why not ride him in the playoffs. Kovalev and Plekanec are both getting it done offensively for Montreal. I'm torn for who to root for in the Playoffs. Montreal or Pittsburgh. I like both, but can't just choose one. Maybe tonight will help me decide. You know Montreal, let the Sabres win and I'll be on the Hab bandwagon. You know you want me.


The Sabres face a tough task, beating an actual good team. They aren't that great at it lately. I would say the last good win, in my opinion, was the 7-1 drubbing of the Hurricanes several weeks ago. They've faced some softies of late. Mainly because the Northeast, sans Le Habitants, have gone sour lately. I want to believe, but this team just can't make me do it. The past two years, yes, this year no. They just make me ill at times and I want them to miss the playoffs now, instead of making them and getting swept, that does nobody any good. Look at the Thrashers. They did everything to make the playoffs to only get hammered. By a up an coming Ranger team.

Sabres are 1-2 in Montreal this year. The only win a shutout by Thibault. Hell, put him in tonight. Could be his last game in the NHL. Why not make it in Quebec. He might play balls out tonight.

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