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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yikes, thats a tense shootout.

To be honest I didn't watch last nights shootout, after the first goal on Miller. Where he did a fantastic bull fighter impression, I couldn't watch, plus it was tv night with some friends. So turning it back later I was pleased to see that the Sabres won the shootout, making up for some bad goals by Miller. Seriously that new contract is declining in value by the day. If they wait till next year, they might get him for less then right now. Because he's not worth more then Marty Biron at this point. The team is less talented and his numbers have reflected that. So maybe the team of the past 2 years, made him better then he actually is. But heres the youtube of last nights shootout, its tense just watching it.

Thank god it doesn't include the first goal

But seriously are the Sabres trying to give their fans heart attacks. They peppered Raycroft with shots, but of course he plays well. Like every goaltender tends to do, when you don't expect it. But lucky for them they got timely scoring. I swear they play better from behind then with the lead. But Steve "The Ghost" Bernier scored first time since he was acquired. And Roy and Pominville battle for leading scorer of the team. And our boy Sekara played the most out of anyone. Mr Kalinin? You can pack your bags, we won't be resigning you in the offseason. They talk about who will come out when Numminen comes back, well Pratt and Paetsch I will gladly take out for Teppo and Jaro. With games against Montreal and Boston you could use two very good defensiveman. Instead of guys who are expendable.

I saw this today

and thought mmm Alfie, maybe you should have shown that effort here

I guess a penalty kill can kill you too.

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