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Monday, April 7, 2008

Thats a Wrap!

Pommers look cool, I don't want Roysie to know.

Well the Sabres wrapped the season up with a shutout win vs Boston on Saturday, which is nice, I guess. Thibault gets a 2nd shutout of the year. Vanek gets another hat trick, with 3 goals 2 on the power play. So really vintage Vanek. I hope hes shaken off the contract stuff and can go into the offseason, enjoy his family, rest and come back next year and put up 55 goals. I know he can do it. You put another dependable winger, a vet with Vanek and Roy, and that line lights the ice on fire next year. But it puts an end to a very up and down year. The step back from giant step forwards of the past two years. People think this team was a constant playoff contender, well they were in the bottom half of the league and bankrupt several years ago. And hey, remember when people didn't come to the games? These are the attendance figures for the beginning of the 2005 season.

10/05 15702 vs NYI (hey can't sellout a opener! Hockeytown USA!!!!)
10/07 13771 vs Bos(its Boston I understand)
10/10 12050 vs Pitt (Pittsburgh pre Crosby, understandable)
10/22 16346 Vs NYR(Ranger fans bumped this one up)
10/26 8552 Vs WSH(In Rochester, remember those?)
11/02 13905 Vs OTA(Against Ottawa, no excuse)
11/04 18690 Vs MTR(Montreal, doesn't count)
11/09 13106 Vs Car(Who knew a ECF preview)
11/11 18690 vs Tor (REALLY doesn't count)
11/15 13022 vs NJD (Devils understandable)
11/17 12471 vs WSh (I think these games were priced at the lead level)
11/22 16018 vs NYR (Ranger bump)
11/25 16009 vs MTL (Not selling out a Habs games is unthinkable now)
12/02 18007 vs SJS ( I guess the Sharks bring in the fans)
12/08 12504 vs ANA (The Ducks do not bring in the fans)
12/14 16575 vs Dal (Stars hate is still strong, or Stu Barnes fans)
12/17 18690 vs Pit This is where the Sellouts start coming. 15 more after.

It took till Christmas for the Fans to notice. And those are BAD numbers for most of those games. Management should look at them and go, this is what happens when theres no buzz. Nobody comes. But most Sabre fans could tell you that. But with a new generation of Sabre fans, I don't know how things will go. I never really took for granted the Playoffs. I just think people forgot or didn't remember the old pre lockout Sabres. Telling by attendance figures and probably tv ratings, no one was around to remember them.

Well Stats to finish the season

Most Points Derek Roy with 81
Most Goals Thomas Vanek with 36
Best Plus/Minus Jason Pominville with a +16
Most Penalty Minutes Andrew Peters with 100
Most Power Play goals Thomas Vanek with 19
Most Short Handed goals Paille/Roy with 3

More analysis later.

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Downerguy said...

you should get a press pass for next year, like the mavs are doing for bloggers. That would be sweet. DO IT!!
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