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Monday, April 21, 2008

Whats up with the Bisons?

Coming into the year, I would have thought the Bisons would have started out with a quick start with the quality of starting pitching coming into the year. But such is not the case with the Herd. But after the first 18 games they are 6-12 and in next to last place in the division. Thank god for the horribleness of the Iron Pigs. Including the recent home stand where they went 2-6. I know it was cold, but come on guys both teams play in it. Lets look into a couple reasons

Starting Pitching, besides Aaron Laffey, who won't be on the team much longer, if Sabbathia needs to take a trip to the DL for "sucking" He has pitched well, 3-1 with a 3.13 ERA. He is by far the team ace. Jeremy Sowers is 0-2 on the year, but looks to be a victim of lack of offense. Because his ERA is 3.50 but he isn't being hit that hard and his WHIP is low. But after that Sean Smith isn't that good, and Ginter is getting battered. There starting pitching together is 4-7 and the relief isn't that much better being 2-5. Their pitching really isn't a strength right now. But with the warmer weather, hopefully the arms warm up with it, or this season will be over fast.

Hitting, is probably the main problem right now. With only 1 player hitting above .300, Andy Gonzalez, the rest of the team seem like long ball or strikeout guys. Andy Gonzalez who I didn't hear much about going into the season is having a career year. Hitting .333, slugging % of .667 and leads with 11 rbis. Wait the team leader only has 11 RBI's? Yikes. But Jordan Brown looks to be the real deal. A good full year in AAA will have him primed for Cleveland or major trade bait later in the year. But a majority of the regulars are really struggling at the plate. Tyner is hitting below .200. Ben Francisco is having a disastrous April hitting .209. The two Catchers are hitting below .215. Its bad everywhere and half the team already in double digits in strikeouts.

I usually blame the cold weather for cold starts, but I have to stop doing that. These guys know whats coming and they had pretty decent weather for most the beginning of the season. You don't have september to make up for the bad april. May rolls around and you got a couple months to actually make a move. So time to shape up or this team will be out of the playoffs in their last season with Cleveland, and who knows who is the parent next year.

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