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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Western Conference Semifinals

With last nights disappointment. I'd expected a better game, then watching Jeremy Roenick play like it was 1996. I guess hes upset people forget he's still in the league. He also scored more points in one game then Brian Campbell had in the entire series. (Yes I had to throw that shot in there) But this isn't about Brian Campbell, this is about the Western Conference. And lets roll through the matchups for the next round. First up.....



Oooo, blood, anger, hatred! Wait its 2008. Can the Colorado Avalanche sign Claude Lemieux for this one? This series was really full of bad blood several years ago. These were the top teams for the late 90's and early 00's. But now these days, the teams are pretty neutral I think. The fans hate each other, the players not so much. But there is still some leftovers from that era, Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Draper, McCarty, Lidstrom, Osgood. But this should be an interesting series. Because I don't know how good Colorado really is. They beat the Wild, but thats not impressive in my eyes. The Wings struggled with Nashville, but they struggled with division opponents all year, but were lights out against everyone else.

Knee Jerk Prediction Wings in 6.



Its the battle of traditional hockey markets! Just kidding. Texas and California. Mmm. The Sharks are coming off a 7 game battle against the Flames, while the Stars cruised past the Champs. I'm sure the Sharks won't play as soft as the Ducks, plus I doubt Nabokov will be as bad as Giguere was. The Stars are better then I would have expected. The trade for Brad Richards seems like a good one, and Stu Barnes is coming through in the clutch. But the Sharks look tough still. Ryan Clowe and Joel Pavelski are leading the team in points, with Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Though they will need Michalek to actually show up. This will actually be the better of the series in my eyes. And home ice will help.

Knee Jerk Prediction Sharks in 7

First round look back

Wings in 5. Ehh Nashville Played tougher then thought. Still a win

Sharks in 7. BANG! Right on the money

Wild in 6. Whoops. Not close.

Ducks in 6. Once again the opposite of what happened.

I can't blame ignorance on this one, for going 2-2.

Total for the first round 5-3.

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