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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soo Danny Boy

So, Danny Briere is having quite the playoffs so far for the Flyers. We know that Danny is a good playoff performer, though always criticized for not showing up, while Chris Drury could do nothing and be a playoff god. Both scored tons of critical goals the past two years. Now hes up to it again with the Flyers, earning all that money. If he helps the Flyers move through the playoffs, that contract will be ok in Philly fans minds.

3 games 4 goals 6 points and a +5 TOI 16:45

While our boy Chris "Hockey God" Drury is what so far?

3 games 0 goals 0 points 0 +/- TOI 19:41

Mmm, looks like someone is earning their keep so far when it matters the most. Hell Sean Avery has 3 goals for god sakes. Its the playoffs that cement your legacy in the NHL. Chris Drury has always had this playoff clutch performer tag with him, since his rookie days in Colorado. And for the most part its true. He had 31 points in 34 playoff games with Buffalo. But Danny Briere had 34 points in 34 playoff games for the Sabres. Almost a point a game. Now he has 2 points per game with the Flyers. Yes both are different players. One is a offensive first player, the other is a two way player. (Who did a great job locking down the #1 line of Ottawa last year) So maybe a comparison of the two right now is unfair. But here we don't care about unfair and we will use stats to push an argument.

For me I'm happy that Danny is playing well so far in the Playoffs. I hold no ill will for Mr Briere. Sure it was him that elected to go to arbitration and received 5 million, that pretty much in my eyes cost the team from getting the cup last year. They really could have used JP Dumont. But he was also the player, the Sabres threw away, and thought they didn't need him. So good for you Danny.

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