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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 Schedule

Well the Schedule is out.

The Toronto game is 12/7 against Miami. Yikes, thats not the best choice.

But here we go in order

9/7 Seattle 1pm

9/14 @Jacksonville 1pm

9/21 Oakland 1:00 pm

9/28 @ St Louis 4.05

10/05 @ Arizona 4:15

bye week

10/19 San Diego 1pm

10/26 @Miami 1pm

11/02 NY Jets 1 pm

11/09 @ New England 1 pm

11/17 Cleveland 8:30 MONDAY NIGHT!

11/23 @ Kansas City 1:00 pm

11/30 San Francisco 1:00pm

12/7 Miami 1:00 pm IN Toronto

12/14 @ NY Jets 1:00pm

12/21 @ Denver 1:00 Pm

12/28 New England 1:00pm

Well thats not exactly what I expected. Ending at home against the Patriots, yikes. Hopefully they need to rest Brady that day. But the Bills can get out to a fast start with that schedule. The Bills get one Monday night home game, not Thanksgiving, which is disappointing. But I think they are hoping for snow. But a late November game against the Niners? Thats gonna have trouble selling out. But no divisional game until late October? Thats kinda weird. The Bills could feast on the NFC West and AFC West, before hitting the East. The end of the schedule is going to be quite cold for the Bills, so they better enjoy the warm weather in the beginning of the season. Because its not gonna be nice, except for the Dome Toronto game, but its an interesting schedule.

Guess what the Patriots don't get a bye before the Bills this year. They play the Colts the week before. Nice.

Well more on this later

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coolman856 said...

Stoked for the next monday night game, hopefully we can get the national game monkey off our backs. Thanksgiving will come, as it being that we weren't playing the NFC North or South this year. Hopefully, we will get a Thanksgiving game either next year or in three years.

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