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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

I'm not too big a April Fools day guy, I like telling the bad april fools joke here and there. But today I'm not even in that mood. I'm in the its April and its getting warmer, though I don't appreciate it being warm then getting cold later. Shouldn't it be the other way? Its the weather is like hahaha, constant cold, heres a warm day, yank, APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

With Buffalo sports it could be.

  • Tampa Rays Move to Buffalo, sick of warm climate.
  • Buffalo Bills trade JP Losman for Tom Brady.
  • Sabres granted Playoff exemption by NHL. Gary Bettman says, "The NHL needs Buffalo in the playoffs more then anyone else, so we thought it the right thing to do."

But of course none of that will ever happen. Headlines more like Ralph Wilson was right about the NFL CBA. WHAT? Wait does that mean Gene Upshaw pulled one over on the owners, probably he seems like a sneaky guy to me. Like hes all buddy buddy, but in the end he'll stab you in the back and rob his own grandmother to only recover the stuff and look like a hero.

Then Bucky admitting he was wrong? I'm surprised the rest of the staff hasn't thrown him under the bus, for basically costing them any interaction with the Owner of the number 1 team in town. Instead they all rallied around this hack, and went after Golisano. Who I might add, saved this team and probably half of the sports departments jobs. Sabres go. Bucky Gleason, John Vogl and maybe Mike Harrington are out of a job. Though Harrington might stay for baseball. Then one of the other columnists go. And may I add, newspapers are a dying industry and you work in a small market? And specialize in hockey? Look at Jim Kelley, hes in the HALL OF FAME and basically free lances for whoever wants him. Where the fuck would you go Bucky?

Well its April 1st which means I should start on my taxes, and get excited for Baseball. I watched a bit yesterday and it was great to watch. I can't wait to head to DTP for a game, well maybe in May. April baseball games in this town are god awful to sit through, no matter how good the rotation is this year.

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