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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playoff Update.

Well with the playoffs still going on, and a lot of series pretty tight. Lets do a quick week recap.

First the pens swept the Senators.

This was obvious, the Sens were coming in super weak. And the Pens were playing strong. No one was picking this series to go long. But it was important for the Pens to look strong. Get Fleury going and just get more rest before a much tougher series, probably against the Rangers. Who won't go down very easy.

Next the Rangers made quick work of the Devils.

After 3 games going scoreless our boy Drury finished with 3 points in 2 games. Maybe hes finally getting back in line. They don't pay him to have as many points as Giradi. But the Devils aren't what they use to be. Brodeur is nearing the end and the talent isn't there anymore on the blue line. They need a couple years to build younger talent, or they will be a playoff team, but a first round knockout every year.

The Flyers are leading the Caps 3-1.

This is kinda of a surprise to me. Since I didn't think Philly could control the young and fast Caps. But the Caps aren't playing with that Playoff push. It seems the Flyers did what they had to to get into the playoffs and then turned it up a notch. Briere, Carter and Prospal are all playing well. Especially our boy danny who is scoring almost 2 points a game in this series. He has 5 goals already. Maybe the contract is paying off?

The Canadiens are holding a lead over the Bruins.

I left the B's out for dead on Thursday night. In Montreal on the brink of elimination, they came back and won 5-1. That is a troubling sign for the Canadiens. You need the killer instinct in the playoffs. Sure they could accomplish that in Boston later tonight, but what happens when they play a better team. The Flyers are very good right now. Montreal is good, but I don't know if they have that finishing touch they need.

In the series the road team can't win, Wings lead 3-2 over Preds.

Detroit looked to be running away with it, then Nashville came home and tied it, now Detroit wins in OT at home last night. Does that mean Nashville has nothing left? Who knows. The Preds are filled with Vets who won't just lay down for the Swedish all stars from Detroit. But I see the Wings eventually getting out of round 1.

Sharks holding a slim lead.

The Sharks were another one of those "hot" teams coming in. But the Flames have cooled them a bit. But it seems like Marleau and the boys have regained their swagger in winning the last 2 games. But heading into Calgary tonight won't be a easy game. The Flames will lay everything they have. But I think San Jose is too deep to lose 2 in a row. Sharks in 7

There series I don't care about.

Thats unfair to both the Wild and Avalanche, but I really don't. Maybe if I watched the first couple games that went into OT, my mind might be different. But the 'Lanche hold a 3-2 lead with the series heading to Denver tonight. Colorado looks like the old Colorado with Sakic, Foote and Forsberg leading the way along with a bunch of kids and the Corpse of Theodore. I don't think the Wild is that good, so Lanche finish off the boys from the Twin Cities tonight.

Looks like the Champs are on the ropes.

The Ducks stayed alive last night in the Pond, but I think they are done on Sunday in Dallas. Marty Turco is on a mission this year and I predict he'll pull a shutout. And with the Ducks only having 12 goals in 5 games, and 5 of those came last night. Thats not a hard prediction. Gigure is not Jiggy like so far with a Sv% of .901 and a GAA of 3.20. Without solid goaltending the Ducks aren't very good. Stars advance. GO STU BARNES!!!

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